Williams Syndrome Awareness

Girl with Williams Syndrome
Boy with witlliams syndrome

Even though about 1 in 7500 people are affected by Williams Beuren Syndrome, public awareness of the disorder is quite weak.

If you've been affected by Williams Beuren Syndrome in your family, classroom or workplace, you probably wish there was better understanding and acceptance for the disorder.

I did some searching and found some folks who decided to create their own method of raising awareness by designing t-shirts, mugs, videos and other items that 'talk' about WS Pride - a positive take on "Beuren Syndrome" and what it means for those affected.

You can investigate or buy any of the items below to help spread awareness in your community. Just click on the image or buttons below for more information. You'll be taken to the designers site, but don't worry, we'll be right here waiting for you...

p.s. If you're part of an organization, you may also want to consider Williams Syndrome Awareness Bracelets too.

Videos supporting Williams Syndrome Awareness

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