Wi-fi electromagnetic radiation as a possible autism cause

by Anna
(The Special Life)

An interesting autism article about research in the Journal of the Australasian College of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine (August 2007) names Wi-fi electromagnetic radiation as a possible cause of autism.

Since WiFi radiation comes from a variety of sources, including cellphones, the chances of being exposed to WiFi radiation are quite high.

Unlike most autism studies, this autism article focuses on the dramatic rise in autism diagnoses. Recent autism statistics now say the odds are now 1 in 150 that a child will be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder in the US alone.

It also acknowledges the possible link between autism and mercury, but looks at possible sources of mercury beyond the MMR vaccinations often cited as an autism cause.

So what's the connection between autism and wi-fi?

The fundamental idea is that the electro-magnetic radiation (EMR) from wi-fi devices such as cellphones and routers interfere with the bodies ability to clear toxins from the body - particularly heavy metals.

When the vulnerable body of a child is then presented with heavy metals such as mercury in vaccinations or in some foods, then the buildup of these heavy metals interferes with normal brain processing resulting in the strange symptoms of autistic behavior.

This makes sense. There are many other elements that are especially dangerous during pregnancy, such as alcohol and cigarette smoke, that we know damage the fetus far more than they would harm an adult.

So, an increased exposure of the baby in utero to wireless signals and the resulting EMR makes imminent sense.

Just like alcohol and cigarette smoke, when this increased risk is added to the risk of genetic causes of autism, increased exposure to mercury (in vaccinations or as accumulated in seafood), then the possibility of developing autism is increased as well.

What's also interesting in this autism article is that the researchers went further than identifying a potential autism cause, they investigated the effect of removing EMR from the body, and the effect on autistic behavior - essentially testing a cure for autism.

The autism studies that used this approach did see a marked decrease in symptoms of autism.

Now isn't that encouraging news?

It's refreshing to read autism studies that incorporate such a broad view of autism - identifying a possible autism cause AND reducing the symptoms of autism as well.

And, if their research continues to prove a connection between EMR, autism and mercury (and other heavy metals) in the body, then we'll be well on our way to preventing autism in the first place.

The technology industry of course is less than impressed with this research. In fact, most of the current references to this autism research are dismissive - usually referencing research that 'proves' that EMR is harmless.

A quick study of EMR research however shows that results are very inconsistent, and as far as I know, no other research has specifically tested for a link between autism and EMR.

But do your own research and make up your own mind. The EMR research on autism article was published in the August 2007 Journal of the Australasian College of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine. Unfortunately, they don't provide a copy of the article on their site.

But, good news! You can see the original EMR research on autism article here.

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