Why there is no official link between autism and vaccinations

by Hadashi

Why would they find a link?

It will take money out of their pockets.

I have seen too many children develop regularly.
2 days after receving the vaccine they changed.
Not a little but a lot.

Uncontrollable screaming. rage. hitting. biteing. Some were talking before. then stopped. The ones that stopped talking didn't talk until they was over the age of 3.

I'm not educated. but i can see the truth.
the truth is that the medical profesion makes a lot of money off of these shots. millions.

No study done by a medical profesional will ever show a link. it would damage his job security. and all others will band aginst them to force a retraction. retractions like you see on any web search. there is a link.

And by the way the things the shots are supposed to cure dont exist anymore. research it. learn the truth for yourself.

They will never tell the truth. if they did lawsuits will flood in and destroy the medical profession.

So 1 out of 10 children having it is whats called ACCEPTABLE NUMBERS. this is the truth.
believe it or not.

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