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Autism and vaccinations
by: Anonymous

I'm a grandparent of a 4 year old autistic boy..I do lots of research.looking at the causes..treatments from all sides.

I do believe there is a possible relationship between mercury in shots and autism.I don't think it's direct cause but could be an agitating factor. From the comment above who disagrees that vaccinations have no cause or affect. I find the comments very vague using the term s ingredients..also not naming the Dr.who had apparently lied.

Also the 10 year research that was mentioned.again not naming it..who sponsored it etc.Doctors and researchers are not god..

I am willing to look at all side..but I need the information to do that..Please send the information via these comments..Partly why I fee uneasy about some an example is ADHD ..ADD etc.

All of a sudden we're seeing a great number of kids being put on toxic medicine without extensive diagnoses of the child..all based on behaviour..

A good example I have read about and seen 1st hand many times is how easy kids are medicated for the cases i had seen the parents had stumbled or heard from others etc about testing your child for allergies..

After finding what they were allergic too and changing the diet..removing the sugars..sulphurs other chemicals etc..their behavior changed 100%..Interesting enough..the Dr who had diagnosed the child for ADHD..never advised the child to be tested for allergies or intolerences..Now I wonder when we start seeing some violent tendencies in autistic kids whether part of the violence ..agitation is not allergies.

As parents and family we have to take responsibility for our children who have autism..ADHD the ways of researching..all we can..Again i'm very open to all information..I don't like to be written off or dismissed by some Doctors who have that tendency to do.

Love and perseverance is something we need to give our children who are diagnosed..thanks for your time..I'm looking forward to you filling in the information I requested from above.


Note from Anna:
You may be interested in this research that found a link between vaccinations and autism, when there is another factor present.

You can read the article here:

Immunization and autism discussion: Why we have vaccinations
by: Anonymous

The reason the diseases do not exist anymore, is because we vaccinated our children and selves, to prevent outbreaks of Disease.

SO if the disease does not exist it is because we did the right thing!.. If we do not vaccinate, we run the risk of all the disease coming back and causing epidemics, making people very very sick, contagious and possible death!

Smallpox is the only one that has been eradicated TODAY! All the other disease that people get vaccinated for STILL EXIST and STILL CAUSE DEATHS

Just a thought :)
Peace, Love and Autism :)

There is no link between autism and vaccinations!
by: Anonymous

Studies and research about possible links between autism and vaccinations have been done for the last 10 years and it has been proven to be a medical myth.

I suggest that people Educate themselves thoroughly.

The person / Dr responsible, primarily for most of the "hysteria" of parents believing that immunizations caused there child's Autism, was ordered to publicly apologize (not that that makes it right) for deliberately falsifying, medical documents etc.

He has lost his License to practice and has so many law suits against him He will be 6 ft under before they would all settle!

Anyway. I research this stuff all the time, being a Mom and a Wife of Aspies. Just take time to do the research before you believe that some "ingredient" in a required shot for a child is to blame for your child's Autism.

The "ingredient" in which you think is to blame has not even been active in shot's for 6 YEARS!!!!! AND not forgetting in Europe- The British Isles, they did not give those vaccinations to children, and guess what? YES children were still diagnosed with Autism and delay/sensory/speech disorders!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH and instead of trying to blame "something" for the way your child is, Embrace who they are and except that is exactly how they were suppose to be!
Peace, Love and Autism :)

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