We wrote a book Destination Disneyland Resort with Disabilities

by Sue Buchholz
(Vancouver, WA)

Lauren with Mickey Mouse, Sue's family at the castle

Lauren with Mickey Mouse, Sue's family at the castle

My co-author, Edna Wooldridge, and I, Sue Buchholz, have written a book called Destination Disneyland Resort with Disabilities. I have 6 adopted children with a variety of disabilities, including 2 girls born without arms, 2 children with spina bifida, a son with CP, a hearing loss and pervasive developmental disorder, and a son who has gone "home" a son with Very severe disabling conditions. My co-author has 2 daughters one with Rett Syndrome and the other who has gone "home" who had Muscle Eye Brain disease.

We felt that a book would help folks navigate both parks - Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Park and have lots more fun by knowing some information ahead. Our book's subtitle is Guidebook and Planner for families and folks with disabilities traveling to Disneyland Resort Park and Disney California Adventure Park.

The two of us have never traveled together there, but we have been friends for decades and have visited numerous times. We include accessibility information for every attraction, hints on making it through the day, packing and traveling information, hints on ticket purchases, a special chapter on helping children with autism and sensory processing disorders enjoy their time. Our children have all enjoyed various aspects of the parks and we have been pleased with Disney's attempts to improve accessibility to various older attractions as they update them.

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