Visiting Disneyland

with a disability

If you are visiting Disneyland and also happen to have a disability, then the theme park is also set up to provide special support services in order to make your experience more pleasurable.

Disneyland prides itself on being able to meet the needs of people by providing great experiences for their visitors.

Although Disneyland does not offer a disability discount, their site has a great guidebook for people with disabilities.

But I believe the best information comes from people who understand what visiting Disneyland with a disability is all about. 

They've been there,
done that.

It's a story worth sharing.   And I invite you to share your experiences below.

In the meantime, you can now also visit Disneyland from the comfort of your living room, thanks to an incredibly cool program from Kinects.

Check it out here:

Isn't that virtual visit incredible?

Makes me want to go out and buy the device...

For those of you that have had the real experience, please share your Disneyland tips... 

Did you visit Disneyland?

You can help other people with disabilities just by simply telling us about your visit to Disneyland. You can even share a favorite photo.

Consider the answer to these questions:

What worked well? What didn't work too well?
And trip highlights? Any trip low points?

Would you go to Disneyland again? What advice can you offer other people with disabilities that will be visiting?

Any advice you wish you could give to Disneyland?

Thanks for sharing your story!

What Other Visitors Have Said

Click below to see what others had to say about their trip to Disneyland...

We wrote a book Destination Disneyland Resort with Disabilities 
My co-author, Edna Wooldridge, and I, Sue Buchholz, have written a book called Destination Disneyland Resort with Disabilities. I have 6 adopted children …

Adult Down Syndrome visit to Disneyland 
My husband has had a dream to take his older brother to Disneyland. In April, 2011 we will finally make the trip. His brother Steven is 42 years old and …

Click here to write your own.

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