UK Supermarket not accessible

by Iris Leaton Webb
(Ipswich, UK)

I conclude that Sainsbury's supermarket UK does not like disabled people. The mobility scooters (well done in principle) with shopping 'trolley' attached are, as I was forcefully told, not allowed outside. Hmm so how do I and the shopping get to the car? A miraculous healing perhaps? A team of strong young men on hand to carry me? Flights of angels wafting me on their wings? "You could transfer to one of our wheelchairs" And where were they? On the other side of the store. Alternatively...just take your business elsewhere...

Best of all, the 2nd member of staff making a similar point - less rudely - said that she, "Understood how I felt" Oh really? I'm sure my disabled friends out there can imagine what I was thinking?

With commendable restraint I told her that until she could not walk, had a permanently mashed leg and lupus...... she had no idea!!

Aqnd the reason for this inconvenience? Their insurance does not cover the distance from the supermarket to the car. All of..well.... 100 yards...but about 90 yards more than I can walk!! Agh!!

The thought of an insurance waver never seems to have filled their heads... Hell but I do have an IQ of about 150...despite wheelchair +idiot in their grocery filled heads:)

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