Need an easy way to track food?

Have you ever been asked to track food intake and been given no easy method to actually record your diet?

Typically, we're either just told to "write it down somewhere" or we're given bad photocopies of ugly food logs to fill in.

I don't know about you, but EVERY time I've been given a food log by a medical professional or a diet company, I find that I'm struggling to write in the information into tiny boxes that are designed for computer printouts, not hand-written notes.

So I created my own Food Tracking Journal, and now I'm making it available to you on this site.

If you have someone with special needs in your family, then being able to track nutrition easily can go a long way to making it easier to monitor nutrition requirements.

It also will help caregivers who will occasionally be responsible for providing meals as well. If there is an instance of food allergies or other sensitivities, then it becomes even more critical to communicate those issues and to manage food intake in case something goes wrong.

So use this Food Journal to log food intake and make life easier on everyone!

Do you want to order food tracking journals
for your organization?

If you are a health professional that needs to regularly review your patient's nutritional intake, you can order food journals in bulk. Make it easy for your patients to track food intake for best results!

There are additional food journals available for specific needs:

You can get bulk order pricing with as few as 10 food journals, through our sister company, Information Logs.

You can even customize your food journals with your logo or organization information on the front cover. It's an easy and cost-effective way of promoting your organization.

Want even more customization?

No problem.

If you order a minimum of 100 logbooks, you can choose from a list of customization options:

  • design your own cover
  • add your own introduction page(s)
  • create custom logbook pages
  • even color-match the back cover and coil binding to your organization's logo

Learn more here...

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