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If you have a child with a physical disability like cerebral palsy, then teaching things like spelling and writing can be extremely difficult. Having the right teaching tool for spelling can lay the groundwork for all language skills.

We experimented with a number of different options - mainly paper based. But, we found that they were difficult to control and easy to destroy.

We did however come across one solution that has great promise:
LeapFrog Word Whammer™ Fridge Phonics® Set

We like this Word Whammer product a lot. It is a fantastically designed product, that is reasonably priced.

First of all, the individual letters are large enough to easily grab and control, since the large 'protusion' is easy to grasp.

Secondly, and very importantly, each letter is a strong magnet. That means that when the child lets go, the letter won't go flying off as long as you're using a metal surface.

The letters are flexible enough that you don't have to use the letter board that comes with it. It's nice that you're not restricted to only using the letters in one way.

I do wish though that the manufacturer actually did make more letter board options available. The letter board casing is also extremely well designed.

It's very sturdy, and also has a very strong magnet on the back so that the entire item will stay securely fixed on a magnetic surface. This is a great feature.

Another great feature is that the spot for each letter is well defined, spaced out nicely and has a 'groove' to fit into. The benefit of this is that the child only needs to get close enough to the waiting empty spot for each letter. The walls of each letter cavity help guide the child's hand to properly place the letter in the right cavity. This is another huge boost for self confidence and independence in early writing.

Lastly, there are sound and light effects as well to support proper spelling. Adding another point of stimulation and support is always a good thing when you're teaching kids with special needs!

Surprisingly, despite all these great features that this learning toy has, retailers are often reluctant to carry the item.
But, no worries. You can order this item directly from us here too. Just click on the image to order directly from our affiliate. 


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