Teacher Consultant in the area of Autism

I am working with 2 high school students with autism who attend different schools. One of my students is verbal and one is functionally non-verbal.

Both of these young men have aggressive tendencies toward school staff and at home toward their parents.

Recently I have been told by autism experts that the aggression is not autism; it is behavior. I am not convinced about this, but we have not been able to find the reason for the behavior or a way to stop it.

Unfortunately the aggression is becoming more frequent and more serious. Both of these students have hit so hard that they have caused injuries to staff and to their parents.

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Aggression and autism
by: Anonymous

Hi, I do not know if our sons autism is a cause for our sons violence but boy it sure seems to be. We tried monitoring what happens before and after he has one of his turns but between his school, us and his psychologist we have never been able to find a trigger. He used to absolutely beat me and this started at around 5 but luckily his epilepsy medication and his anxiety medication seems to have calmed things down a little bit. He is very slowly learning to isolate himself to his room when we are home but when we are out all hell can break loose.
We have had 2 daughters actually move out because of his violence. Autism is hard on its own but add in the violence and it becomes hell.
I do have a story on this site about Brent I think it was called Brenty Boy. Please try and find it it may give you some I sit to what we have dealt with.

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