Teacher attacked

by Deborah Loeppky
(United States)

I was violently attacked by an autistic 14 year old boy while substitute teaching. I was scoffed at and the principal of the school lied to the sheriff, who had to be called to handcuff the boy and remove him from the school grounds. The employer told me I was insubordinate and unprofessional because I tried to protect a para educator from being choked around her throat and because I said that this boy does not belong in this setting because of his ongoing behavior and hurting people for no reason.

Our laws protect people like this for anything they do. It's just getting crazy. I could have been killed, disfigured or seriously hurt. I had nothing against this boy. My issue was with the employer who did not provide the proper support for the boy.

I am a former special ed teacher, just trying to help out.

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dailly attacks from special needs child
by: Anonymous

I am a special needs teacher of ASD children. I have a class of 5 kids, one of whom is extremely violent on a fairly regular basis. I have 4 staff in the room and its now getting to the point where we cannot hold him. He is 15 and adult in size. His rages are incredibly frightening and I fear for the safety of the staff and, especially worrying, the other children. His parents are supportive of how we handle him but will not budge on trying medication. I am at my wits end. Something needs to be done or someone will get seriously hurt. At this stage it seems like a child will need to be hurt before we are taken seriously as a staff that we are no longer able to cope with this boy. A school setting, even a special needs school, is no place for this child. He needs much more serious and specialist intervention.

I feel the same way
by: Anonymous

I have also been attacked in the classroom by a special needs child. I could go into detail but, I won't at this time. People in Al capiticies who work with these children should be taught to block blows from these children as well as defend themselves from bites. A human mouth bite contains a tremendous amount of dangerous germs. They can cause serious illness. Not to mention the damage from the bite.
Yes, proper protection should be provided to all persons who are trying to work with these children.

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