Suspicious loss of skills following MMR vaccination

by Amy gill

All too often I get angry about this subject.

People meet my 14 year old son with severe autism and sometimes ask "what caused it, has he always had autism?"

For a moment I think to myself do I really want to get into this subject with this person.


Because when you answer the question honestly and tell them that your son was Normal before he had his injection. He could talk, communicate normally had 2 way conversation, normal play skills no obsessive repetitive behaviour, Eye contact ok, could point his finger, and many other normal play skills - but following the injections became solitary, repetitive, didn't listen, temper tantrums for no apparent reason about 20 times a day, feral behaviour.

The people that you speak to almost act as government allies and start defending vaccinations and speaking to you as if you're some deranged nutter.

They claim to know it all when they know nothing.

Unfortunately people like this only get a true taste of autism when it happens to them, by which time it's too late.

By the way, even extended family members are unsupportive and want nothing to do with helping.

To summarize, I often do not even go there with the conversation, as I cannot be bothered to argue with people who have a herd mentality.

I know how I feel and I now keep my own counsel

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