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If you have children with special needs, you have probably found that their short attention span is often a problem.

Until they play a game like Super Mario Bros, that is. Then, they suddenly seem to be able to focus their mind and energy, and control their body movements.

And while playing video games may not initially strike you as being all that educational, the fact that a popular video game can help train a mind and body to focus and control their movements, this is actually a big deal.

What's nice about the Super Mario Bros series of video games is that the characters are cartoonish and colorful, and generally the games are family friendly.  You won't need to worry about the game story line or excessive violence.

In fact, what it does teach is the ability to follow instructions and receive a reward for your efforts - a shiny star, along with a little music to mark the accomplishment.

In both the classroom and home environment, earning time to play Super Mario becomes an easy reward.  And, it also gives you a breather too!

Watch this trailer to see what the latest game is all about...

To help give you a chance to experience some relief now, and let your special needs child test out their game skills, you can play the online game here now, for free.  

And, best of all, there is no time limit - a real boon for kids who need extra time to process.

Look for more games without time limits below too...

What's nice about these no-time-limit games is that you can play online games for free, or choose a package and download them to your pc and play ad free, without worrying about the cost of internet access, or wandering eyes that may go elsewhere on the internet without your permission.

Your choice!

Play Super Mario Bros for free online

Once kids have played Super Mario Bros, they almost always become fans of all the characters too.

You can reward that interest in things as diverse as costumes, cakes, hats, dolls, and of course, actual video games for different types of game players.

Here are some ideas that use the Super Mario Bros theme...

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