Staying at Home

by penny fletcher

I have a daugther who is 6 years old. She has Cerebral Palsy. And is in and out of the hospital a lot and she has many docters appt. So many that I have to take a lot of time off work. But I need to work to pay the bill and buy the food, Is there a program that will pay me to stay home with my child.

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The Special Life
by: Anna

I'm pretty much in the same position - very difficult, if not impossible to work a regular 'job' with the erratic schedule you get when you have a special needs child.

I personally don't have answers in terms of any programs for your state, but do check your city, state and federal programs for things like "respite", "special services", "caregiver support" and "disability support".

You may well find something for you hidden under those terms, though I can't guarantee it.

I can also tell you that another thing to consider is to become what's known as a WAHM, a work-at-home-mom. That's what I've done.

In that way, you can work the hours that make sense for you.

There are two things I can personally recommend in this area.

If you just want a job-like activity, where you still work for someone else, but on your hours, then consider Hire My Mom, which is set up for WAHMs to sell their services to businesses looking for a virtual assistant, on an occasional or regular basis. I've hired someone using this service and thought it was great.

Another thing you can do to give yourself long-term income that YOU control, is to work for yourself, and have your own business.

This can be tricky in terms of managing time too, of course. But, I can tell you what I did, and that is start an internet based business.

If you'd like to get information on creating an online income source for yourself, I can recommend this free resource, filled with information. It's located at the bottom of this page:
Master Course for Work at Home Moms.

It's what I use, and to be totally honest, it's the only thing that has worked for our family.

I hope this is of help to you too.
Good luck!

A work-at-home-mother's guide to building a successful business on the internet.

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