Special needs person in the workplace

Hi; I am a supervisor of an after school program, which I just took on this past September. In the process, there was a special needs person who was already working there, and because of lack of adequate staff, I've had to have him on basically 5 days/week. He is a very kind, caring individual, but because our program is SO busy, (about 50 kids) I do not have the time/resources/training/patience to be constantly watching him all the time. He has mild to medium mental retardation, (I'm not sure what this would be classified under) but I would say his age ability would be around 7-9 years. He is good with taking direction, and loves playing and helping the kids, but to remember certain tasks and to remember certain social skills is very challenging. He is actually 33 years old, is very insecure, and easily offended, but yet wants to take on more than he can handle; and gets annoyed and 'shoos' them away if any of the other staff try to help him. I am trying to be supportive of him, but at the same time, I cannot be constantly "on" him all the time. He is not particularly close to any of the other staff, so having someone mentor him is not possible right now. I am planning on setting up meetings with him every week for about 15 mins. to talk about things - but that's about all I can do. I don't know if his being at our place of work is being a help or not. Any suggestions would be helpful.

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