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by Jan-Nicole
(San Diego, CA)

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Editor's Note:

Thanks for the tip!

I did some more digging and discovered that the San Diego Zoo actually has done a lot to make life easier for people with disabilities.

They have done a fairly good job of communicating it too, but I'd like to draw your attention to this quote from their site:

the Parks provide free admission for a personal attendant/caregiver to accompany a guest who requires such help in order to access the public programs, activities, and facilities of the Parks.

Further, on 7-day advance notice, guests who use manual wheelchairs can request the assistance of a staff member, free-of-charge, for up to 4 hours, for the sole purpose of pushing the wheelchair while on Park property.

Please keep in mind that while all Park personnel may provide minor assistance, they are not trained to and are not allowed to lift a guest out of his/her mobility device or provide assistance with medication or help of a personal nature. "

I thought that was an interesting touch, and it is the first time that I've seen an organization offer to help push a person in a wheelchair - albeit on long notice. Still, it's a welcome sign of accommodation for disability.

And there was also one other thoughtful accommodation for people in wheelchairs too:

... guests in folding wheelchairs may have their wheelchairs transported ahead by a gondola to be available upon their arrival at the opposite terminal.

Those who have non-folding or electric wheelchairs may leave their wheelchair at the terminal and take a round trip.

Clearly the zoo has given some thought to how to best accommodate people in wheelchairs, which is wonderful.

They even offer a 12 page guide for people with disabilities visiting the San Diego Zoo.

To download the guide, just right-click on the guide link above, and choose the "save as" function.

You may want to consider downloading the guide onto your phone or other mobile device, so that you have it as a handy guide during your visit to the zoo.

For more information:

San Diego Zoo website - Accommodations for People with Disability

Call the Access Coordinator at
(619) 231-1515 ext.4526


If you or your companion have been to the San Diego Zoo, please share any other information you think that others would find useful, and let us know what you thought of the experience.

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