Qualifying for Disability Payments

I asked my Cardiologist in June If I can apply for disability, he said OK bring the paper and I will support you. In Nov. 2009 I went back for check up and I asked him again about disability, he said 'well, can't you do anything at all, like part time?

I said may be part time and will look for part time job. In Feb. 2010 I went again because my heart beat were faster and some pain in the chest. and I asked him again about disability.

Now, for the 3rd time I asked him if i can apply for disability before applying which is stupid of me, keeping asking question is annoying, but it is just me, this the way I am anywhere and everytime.

So, because all the time I am tired restless panic irritable sad hopeless no activity and unhappy and so forth. and when i asked about disability again, he said your heart is good your valve is good and you can work, but he also said if i apply with some other issues like depression then you maybe able to get it.

I think he maybe got aggravated because I asked him 3 times and I feel like he thought that I make thinks up and that I waste his time when i went there to his office, so by the sudden he said your heart is good and you can work, besides the fact that he agreed at the beggining to support me, but now he change his opinion.

But I have been telling him that for 2 years i am so tired all the time and when I wake up in the morning i feel like i have not slept and I feel very tired all the time.

He is a great Dr. don't take me wrong, and I don't blame him for getting aggrevated at me in case he did, maybe he didn't and i just thought he did, you know I told you this is me kind of paranoid. I hear it over and over from my friends anyway. it is just me I am so sorry.

Now, I feel like he is not going to help me and I feel like he might say something to stop me from getting it. I feel i can't call him and talk to him on the phone.

The reason I kept ask him about disability with out applying is because i am sorry to say that i think I am a little unsure about things in general this is me, and i repeat myself and I worry about things I forget things, this is just me.

And I am not expecting anything except the fact that I am afraid that he will write something negative about me which make it hard for me to get.

My question is this: Shall I apply or i need to talk to him first and ask him why he change his opinion and gave me different answers at different times.

Also, can he change the reports for my past visits? like i am always tired and get irritate and frustrated easily. Last question: shall i continue applying?

I have been also, reffered to another Dr. psych. she said i am depressed, with that help me?. Thank you


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