Potato Chips as Cough Medicine?

by mom

So here is an interesting tip that I stumbled upon...

As a parent of a child with many physical needs, the last thing you want to do is feel sick yourself. All the lifting and bending is exhausting enough at the best of times, but can completely wear you down when you awful to begin with.

For two days I've had a yucky, phlegmy cough - you know, the kind that makes your voice sound like gravel. And whenever you try and talk, you get a coughing fit that hurts your throat and chest...

If you've ever experienced this, you'll know that is takes forever to heal and nothing much helps. Even hot tea or coffee will only give temporary relief.

So, imagine my surprise when I managed to get rid of most of the cough within minutes - just by eating my favorite potato chips!

My totally unscientific guess is that the particular flavor of chips is what did the trick - Balsamic Vinegar and Onion. Mine are from Miss Vickies, not sure if other brands carry a similar flavor.

I think that maybe the combination of the salt and balsamic vinegar helped break up the phlegm, onions are a natural antibiotic, and the edges of the potato chips helped break up the phlegm and moved it on...

It's been hours and hours, and I've barely coughed at all, and my throat feels fine, and my voice is still normal. Best of all, I don't feel like climbing into bed and pulling the covers over my head.

So.... I thought this was a tip worth sharing.

As long as you don't have any reason NOT to eat potato chips with these particular ingredients, you may want to try it yourself and see if it helps.

There isn't much to lose in trying...
You'll still get to enjoy the great flavor of the chips :-)

If you do try it, please add your experience below too...

Hope this helps.

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by: Arson Ferguson

This is more a life hack than a solution, but I don’t see any reason why someone who likes potato chips shouldn’t eat them to stop a coughing fit. It’s bad to have constant soreness in the throat and chest.

Me too!
by: Anonymous

I have the same phlemy cough but if I eat potato chips (the ones that have worked best for me are Ruffles - just potato, veg oil and salt) the phlegm disappears and I don't cough. The strangest medicine I've ever taken!

Who knew potato chips could act like "medicine"
by: Anna

So glad to hear that you found this tip helpful!

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