Pissed off Sibling

by Angry Non"special" teen
(Why do you care?)

*** WARNING - Strong, emotional language ***

You are a retard! You can't speak, you grunt to talk, you drool, and can't walk or do anything else for your self. I never hated anyone and any sort of people so much. Despite all the care and meet up they bring you to, you make no progress and can't communicate.

We waste every paycheck on trying to keep you alive, and for what reason? What f***ing reason! I want you dead, I hated you since you were born, and I will never ever EVER help take care of you. Mom and dad wanted a late in life kid, THEY take care of you. Piss sh** they ended up with a f*** up. The reason I scream at you everyday is because YOU ARE HATED AND DESERVE TO BE HATED. If I could drag you behind my car and chop you into pieces in front of them, I'd do it with happiness and glee. They deserve punishment too for bringing you into this world. I'd take your wheelchair and all you adaptive stuff and set them on fire and dance around it as they burn to ashes. f*** you, f*** "special needs", f*** angleman syndrome, f*** everything and all others like you! I can't wait to hit 18 and move out. I'll be gone forever and wish nothing but the worst for you. After all, you ruined my life, it's time I ruined yours.

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Get help with your feelings
by: Anna

Hi Pissed Off Sibling.

I read your comments and was very saddened by your post. I am the mother of a teen sibling with a special needs child, and I can tell you that it is a constant worry that he may sometimes resent his brother too.

I let your comments post as is, to alert other parents that siblings can sometimes feel forgotten , overlooked and eventually resentful.

Please remember this though. You are special to your parents too. With every breath you take, you are separate and distinct from your sibling, and will bring your own talents and faults into the world too.

Remember too that, like you, your sibling didn't ask to be born with their condition. They are living with it as best they can, as are your parents, and every other member of your extended family and community.

When you feel upset with your sibling, try to keep away from them and spend time doing something you enjoy.

Your emotions are overwhelming you, and it is important that you find a way to let your best self take control instead.

Be sure to get help from outside to do so. It is quite possible that an organization that is helping your sibling may have classes or therapy available for you as well. Your parents also need assistance to help you and quite likely get respite too.

Everybody needs breaks to keep from feeling overwhelmed and letting anger get out of control.

I don't believe that you truly want to hurt your sibling. You know deep inside that they have not "ruined your life", and that you have a whole life ahead of you.

You can take control of your emotions, and your actions to create the best possible life for yourself, without causing any one else harm or distress in any way.

Find ways to see life through the eyes of your sibling, and you may even find ways to help them as well as yourself.

Find ways to create happiness for yourself too For instance, you can transform your strong emotions into art, just as many artists before you have done.

There is always a way to avoid anger and feelings of hate towards others. There is always a way to see the world through someone else's eyes.

There is always a way to be a better person - concentrate on what you can do to improve your own life, and you won't feel the need to blame others.

Ask your school guidance counselor, a religious leader, a trusted family member, or any of the many adults who are trained to help siblings deal with the extreme emotions that you are experiencing.

It DOES get better.

Take some time to calm yourself, find your inner strength and stay focused on a hopeful future for yourself and your family members.

Good luck!

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