Play the classic Pac Man game

There's something about the classic Pac Man game that is really appealing to just about everybody.

For people with special needs, especially learning disabilities, it can be an ideal online game to play

If you're looking for ways to improve attention span, playing this game can be ideal.

This classic arcade game is easy to understand, and has lots of built in feedback mechanisms that will help develop skill in sequencing and planning. And of course, the hand - eye co-ordination skills that develops naturally is another bonus.

But beyond the therapeutic aspects, it's just plain fun. And when you're looking for cheap entertainment, or a simple reward to offer, this classic arcade game is a good choice. And, since it's online (and free) it also becomes a good choice for anyone teaching special need children, or families looking to provide appropriate entertainment..

Here are some ideas on who may benefit from playing this classic game... people with adhd, autism or aspergers, down syndrome, and many learning disabilities. People who need to refine fine motor skills, such as cerebral palsy, may also benefit.

If you think that a game that is not-timed may be of more use, consider the selections available here...

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What's really cool about this game is the primal act of "eating" the ghosts. It is absolutely appealing to people of all ages and abilities. That's what made it so popular in the first place after all.

If you want to introduce a computer game to a child with special needs, this makes Pac Man a great choice.

We've made it easy for you. You can play online here for free - and for as long as you want.


Play Pac-Man Online for free now

You may find that playing Pac Man has made such an impression that you'll want to carry on the theme into other areas too.  Here are some ideas for you...

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