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If you're helping a child with autism or Aspergers that likes chewing on clothing, having the right tools can help.

When kids feel the need for that oral motor sensory fulfillment, they'll often start chewing their clothes, a body part or whatever toy happens to be in reach.

oral motor therapy supplies

I know this from experience with my son with Asperger's Syndrome.

Having safe toys that they can chew on will help satisfy their sensory requirements and hopefully keep them from becoming too distracted to focus on other tasks at hand.

Another good tool for people who have a hard time with oral motor movement is to use these as oral motor therapy supplies. This is helpful for my son with cerebral palsy, who can strengthen his jaw muscles while chewing on safe toys designed for this purpose.

I first saw this being used in oral motor exercises during his speech therapy, and could see that it helped him better control the movement of his mouth.

If you'd like to use supplies for your oral motor activities, I've made it easy for you. These oral motor therapy supplies are currently available on eBay. I've screened products for the North American market only.

You can help too! You can share with knowledge with others in the same situation in our Quick Tips. Share tips you'd like to share about oral motor activities that have worked for you. 

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