None of My Three Children Are Vaccinated

Hi there

I am an 'old hippy'(cruncy granola eating, tree hugging, Birkenstock sandal wearing, home birthing, breastfeeding momma) and none of my three children have been vaccinated.

My youngest has Tourette Syndrome and associated disorders and I shudder to think of how much worse his conditions would be (or what conditions he'd have in addition) if I had have vacciinated him.

Despite the nay sayers who said that my children wouldn't be "allowed" to go to school they have all attended the public system.

Despite threats that they will "catch everything and be sickly" they are in fact the healthiest children I've ever met.

We are rarely ever at our family doctor, they not only "lived through" chicken pocks but got over it so quickly that they were back at school within days.

Three years ago we became grandparents and our daughter chose not to vaccinate our granddaughter.

She, in turn, has never been on antibiotics (in three years!!) and is far, far healthier than her peers.

What I want to say to moms here is this: Trust your gut, you know your child and your child's health better than ANYONE ever will, and if you know that things changed for the worse after a vaccine then trust that and to heck with the naysayers.

You will be, as I was, threatened, laughed at, judged and so on... but stand strong and find support with other like minded parents!

And, as the years go by and your child(ren) are healthy(and often much healthier) and happy and strong you will know that you made the right decision for your child.

All the best
:) xo

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