NO LINK between autism and immunization!

by PLA

Studies and research about autism causes have been done for the last 10 years and it has been proven to be a medical myth.

I suggest that people Educate themselves thoroughly.

The person/Dr responsible, primarily for most of the "hysteria" of parents believing that immunizations caused there child's Autism, was ordered to publicly apologize (not that that makes it right) for deliberately falsifying, medical documents etc. He has lost his License to practice and has so many law suits against him He will be 6 ft under before they would all settle!

Anyway. I research this stuff all the time, being a Mom and a Wife of Aspies. Just take time to do the research before you believe that some "ingredient" in a required shot for a child is to blame for your child's Autism.

The "ingredient" in which you think is to blame has not even been active in shot's for 6 YEARS!!!!! AND not forgetting in Europe- The British Isles, they did not give those vaccinations to children, and guess what? YES children were still diagnosed with Autism and delay/sensory/speech disorders!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH and instead of trying to blame "something" for the way your child is, Embrace who they are and except that is exactly how they were suppose to be!

Peace, Love and Autism :)

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