My son Dominic

by Carmel Bombardini
(Spalding, Lincolnshire, England)

Two years ago my son Dominic jumped off a Church in Boston, England to his death. He was 20 years old. He was a tall, handsome, intelligent young man but like Ann Bauer's son he had an unimaginable rage inside of him which he admitted himself he couldn't control.

He told his close friend who he loved dearly 'You'd better leave now, because I am going to hurt you.'

When he was young he was a bit hyper active but nothing was ever mentioned at school and his behaviour at home was fine, he always loved his family.

Until Dominic hit puberty and then he suddenly changed from a quiet, respectful and loving son into a living nightmare. He grew into a huge, hairy 6ft 2inch giant of a boy, he ate like a pig, spat and raged and terrorised us.

We lived on eggshells because we were too scared to upset him. We took him everywhere to get help, he had all the scans,MRI, EEG but the doctors said there was nothing wrong with him.

He was sectioned in a top psychiatry hospital but they just let him leave with a valium tablet to keep him quiet.

I could actually write a book about the four years my family and I spent living on eggshells, living in fear of a son who we loved and loved whatever he did to us.

I can really understand so much of what Ann Bauer spoke about in her article and would love to talk further to her and other people who have lived through experiences of this kind.

Dominic's second anniversary is coming up on 23rd October next and we are learning to cope a little with life without him but it will never be the same.

He was never diagnosed with autism but I do believe that it was what he had.
Thank you for listening
Carmel Bombardini

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i knew your lovely son
by: danielle

Hi hun. I was so shocked to hear what happened. I was in the same class as Dominic for 5 years and he was always the life and soul of the class. From what you have said I would have to agree that he most probably did have slight autusm as the characteristics you have explained sound just like my step brother who also has autism. I will always remember him as the boy who was happy and so much fun to be with in class. I wish all your family best. Xx

Possible violence and autism link?
by: Anna

Hi Carmel. My heart goes out to you. You have endured so much.

I don't know that anyone can definitively say whether your son had autism at this point, but I hope that reading Ann Bauer's story was of help to you in your healing.

Thank you so much for sharing your story. It may be helpful to others who are in similar circumstances. And your story may well save a life.

I know that it certainly gives me pause, and reminds me to be alert to changes in my child as he grows.

Thanks for sharing.

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