Mobile phones are now available for the hearing impaired

by James Lorry
(London, UK)

In recent months new mobile phone models have been introduced which target those with a hearing disability. Because hearing disability varies from mild to profound deafness, phones serving this market need to offer special features not offered in normal devices.

These features include:

Extra loud ringer - A suitable mobile phone should support extra loud and adjustable ringing volume of up to 100dB (as loud as a pneumatic drill ). This ring level will allow the vast majority of hard of hearing people to hear the ringer.

Extra loud speaker volume amplification - While some phones, even those not designed for the hard of hearing and the deaf might offer loud ring functionality, another important feature is the receiving speaker volume amplification.

Hearing aid compatible - A large percentage of hard of hearing people will also wear a digital hearing aid on a daily basis. Therefore, the phone will need to offer hearing aids compatibility, which will allow the aid to work with the mobile phone in conjunction.

Shaker / Vibration alerts - While most phones in the market support the option to switch on vibration ring instead of the normal ring, only dedicated phones support shaker / vibration alerts, as well as shaker ring.

Find out more information and helpful advice about assistive listening devices for the hard of hearing at hearing direct.

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