Medication Log for Special Needs

If you live with special needs in your family, then there's a good chance that you need a medication log to track when you administer drugs.

We know what that's like. In our case, we need to give an anti-seizure drug three times a day, and we need to make sure that we leave just enough time between doses as well.

Just keeping track of when the drug is given is hard enough. But as parents you also need to communicate it to each other, as well as the occasional caregiver. Frantic phone calls to work and faulty memories are a bad mix.

This medication log helps us monitor the daily anti seizure drug as well as the occasional pain killer, anti-biotic or other drug required when our son is sick.

This was a HUGE help in our daily routine. Especially when he's been sick and we've gone many hours without sleep. As I'm sure you well know, memory is very faulty at 3 am.

Giving accurate drug doses is way too important a task to leave to sleepy minds and shaky hands. A paper trail is invaluable.

Other important benefits too

In the case of an emergency (way too many of those) one of the first questions paramedics always ask is "Are they taking any medication?"

Followed by "What do they take", "what dosage?" and "how long ago did they have it?"

What a huge relief to be able to just grab the medication log and hand it to paramedics and other hospital staff!

The meds diary makes life easier for everyone involved in caring for special needs. 

Buy Medication Log for Caregivers - individually or in bulk 

Need more customization?

We'll be happy to create one that meets your needs exactly. 

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