Is arthritis considered a disability?

by begum

Can I claim dla if iv got mild arthritis

I hav jointz pain back pain neck each dayz can be worse thn otherz


Thanks for raising a good question!

I think the issue of arthritis and disability benefits is a common question in people's minds.

Arthritis is a condition that can be quite debilitating, but as far as I know, there is no universal standard as to whether it is 'officially' considered a disability.

But, don't be discouraged!

In most cases, the organizations that determine whether someone qualifies for a disability benefit don't rely solely on a specific diagnosis.

That's because there are many conditions that have a broad spectrum of symptoms.

Arthritis can often be like that too, not only between individuals, but for the same individual.

As you mentioned, one day you may feel ok, but on another day, the pain can be excruciating and keep you from your daily activities.

And that is usually the issue.

When organizations try to determine who is qualified for disability benefits, the most common thing they are looking for is the degree to which people cannot perform regular daily activities.

So, to help you when presenting your claim, and also when seeking medical assistance, you may want to track the details and degree of the arthritic pain you experience.

Also, make note of any activities that you are unable to perform due to the pain from arthritis.

Having a record of this information - date, time and circumstances - will help others help you.

As an added benefit, it will help you and your medical team to identify what types of arthritis pain management you experiment with.

If you try using an arthritis herb to ease pain, for instance, it will be invaluable to have a record of your pain experience for the month or two before your experiment. That way, you'll have a clear record to compare your results after trying the herb.

I encourage others to provide details about their experience with arthritis and disability benefits below.

Hope this helps!

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