Indian Neurotherapy claim to recover Cerebral Palsy

by Dr. Pritpal Singh
(Faridkot, Punjab, India )

Neurotherapy Treatment

Neurotherapy Treatment

Hello dear friends ,

As you know all over world cerebral palsy is totally un-cureable. But we have recovered 62 kids with the help of Indian Neurotherapy and Time Space And Motion Therapy.

If you want to know more about our research than you have to type in Google: "Baba Farid center for Special children"

Please See our
Brief Introduction About Neurotherapy

Neurotherapy is an Indian ancient therapy. Neurotherapy is medicine-less therapy. Neurotherapy is a system which activates organs or glands (exocrine & endocrine). They produce hormones and other chemicals in the human body and the body laboratory looks after the supply of blood all sorts of chemicals salts, acids, alkalis etc. automatically.

When there is disease it means that a particular organ is not properly functioning or partly functioning. In other words there is some disorder and with the help of Neurotherapy the system is set right.

There is no medicine given. It is like setting the natural system back to order by giving different treatment for different aliments (patients).

How soon much benefit depends on regularly of treatment and also faith of the patient.

Pituitary and Hypothalamus make hormone for endocrine glands. Neurotherapy has control on pituitary gland. If any patient has deficiency of hormones which are related to endocrine glands, patients may be affected from mental illness. We give the activation to pituitary gland and fulfill the deficiency of endocrine hormones.

This is God gift for us. Our body produced chemicals from many places instead of one place eg 85%, Erthropoetin chemical is producedn kidneys, but on failure of both kidneys this chemical is produced by liver.

Brain has hundred (100) Billion Neurons, spinal lord has hundred (100) million Neurons and intestine has hundred (100) million Neurons. There is manly twelve (12) type of Neurotransmitters. These chemicals are produced in large quantity in the brain. But if these chemicals are not produced by brain cells then may be any Brain illness i.e. Mental Retardation Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson, Depression etc. In Neurotherapy we activate the enteric nervous system of the body and cure these diseases.

Our brain has £, ?, ?, ? waves. If there is any disturbance in these waves then fits, epilepsy like diseases comes. Our brain has three Neurotransmitters to control these waves. In Neurotherapy, we activate these Neurotransmitters very easily. In this method we control epileptic fits very easily.

In our body acid Base balance is most important If we want to maintain the Acid base balance of the body then first of all we set the digestive system of the body. Then Acid Base control automatically. If the alkali is reduced, then there is improvement in movement of patient.

*When T memory cells of thymus does not work properly then they produce Antibodies against body, it is called Auto immunity.

Then Arthritis like diseases are generated. In Allopathy, to correct this type of diseases steroids may be given. If the quantity of these steroids are more then there are side effects of steroids. In Neurotherapy we give the activation to adrenal cortex which releases steroids naturally and has no side effects asadrenal cortex has ability to correct any inflammation of the body, so we are able to correct difficult cases like meningitis etc.

The patients of septicemia have weak immune systems. These patient may be mentally retarded. In Neurotherapy we give the activation to lymphatic system which give the stimulation to lymph gland and immune system of child or patient are strong.

The digestive system of mentally retarded child will very weak so that the nervous system & immune system are also weak because the raw material of these chemicals are produced in stomach.

Eg. Thyroid gland has T3, T4 and Adrenal medulla has epinephrine and nor epinephrine both have the raw material of tyrosine amino acid. These amino acids are generated if the digestive system is set, so first of all we set the digestive system of these patients. By this method the Nervous system & Immune system also strong and recovery or growth of mentally Retarded (Patients) are started. This is the law of Neurotherapy.

*If any clot in brain then the patient is affected mentally and physically. Many patients have clot in any part of the brain by birth, then they are affected mentally or physically by birth. We are saying our body has two chemicals Plasmin & Heparin. Plasmin dissolves the clot and Heparin prevent the clot. Brain has Blood Brain Barrier. Then any medicine can't go in the brain instead of Alcohal* Low molecular size medicines etc. So, it is impossible to dissolve the clot. But in Neurotherapy, we give the activation to Pancreas, Lungs and liver which release the Plasmin Heparin chemicals. It is not artificial. It is natural so Blood Brain Barrier can't reject it. In Neurotherapy by this process we are able to dissolve clot, so that we are able to cure mentally retarded, cerebral palsy, paralysis etc. diseases very easily.

MR/CP treated with Neurotherapy?

The child usually will begin Neurotherapy soon after diagnosis. Neurotherapy uses a complete system of healing. It discovers the root cause of disease and treats the sum in an integrated manner. The discover of bodily organs cause on imbalance in the bio chemical forces leading to the development of disease.

According to us the last cause of cerebral palsy and mental retardation is lack of oxygen. The Neurons of a particular area of the brain may be weak, damaged or dead due to the lack of oxygen or other causes. The nutrition of these (affected) neurons may be black due to any clotting or the spasm of arteries, so the affected neurons may be weaker day by day. It is very difficult to diagnose cerebral palsy AND mentally retarded child within the first sixth to tenth month of life because the child body is very small and also there is little movement of the body, so the neurons of brain can control the body easily. But when the body movement is started on a higher level then there is overload in working of these neurons and they start becoming weaker day by day.

Allopathy says once a neurons is generated it can't be regenerated, but Neurotherapy makes it possible to regenerate these neurons. Neurotherapy says if we are able to provide nutrition of the affected neurons, then they may be regenerated. We are able to remove blockage, any abnormality or spasm of arteries of the brain with the help of plasmin and heparin. These chemical or made in our body. We give the stimulation to the particular internal organs of the body, and then they release the particular chemical i.e. plasmin and heparin.

Plasmine dissolve any clothing and Heparin prevent the clothing. When it dissolve the clot or relax the arteries then automatically supply of blood enter in infected part of brain and neurons may regenerate and the body shows recovery.

How fast results comes In Neurotherapy

First result will come within three to six months. Second results will be slow, because dead neurons will take 9 to 10 months to come in proper working position and total time may be 18 to 22 months maximum.

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Tretment of Spastic cerebral palasy in INDIA NEW
by: Trin Sharma

I had a 10 years old son with spastic cerebral palasy quadriplegia, i operated him on 13th may 2017 from Dr A.K Purohit (Neurosurgeon) he is the senior professor & Head of the department of Neurosurgery at Nizam institute of Medical science Hyderabad , he is the only doctor in INDIA to do the life changing operation (Selective dorsal rhizotomy) , it is my humble request to all the parents to meet this doctor & get your kid operated their, please don't waste your time & money by going here & there do the physiotherapy day & night at your home, it is the only physiotherpy which we have to do after surgery to achieve result. Cell no of Dr A.K Purohit 09849054600 Email id

Trin sharma Cell 09417529059 Chandigarh

No official opinion or information
by: Anna

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Fake doctor
by: Anonymous

He is self made doctor ...he does not have any degree ..making peoples fool and looting them of their hard earned money....he is charging almost 50k per month from these poor patients and give them false hope

unbelievable result in Neurotherpy
by: Dr.Arvind

mera naam dr.arvind h ..I am physio DAV college ...Neurotherpy Ka result cp child me 100% challange deta hu ..Neurotherpy k bina koi cp child theek krke dikhaaye...

he is doing with his best
by: Anonymous

dear friends if you can not do for anyone atleast you should not discurage to anyone . i have seen the kids they are getting better with in two years or three.
for your kind information he is not using only single therapy.
in this center have a Unit of different therapies. they have more than 123 therapies like physio, acupuncture, preeuse,neuro, auditroyintegration therapy, and i could not remember but they have more than 12 therapies and very advance equipment
please don t comment without confirmation. first visit than commnet

whose the king of neurotherepy & who takes credit???
by: sbsidh

hahaha, strange world .ask this doctor ,from where he learned neurotherepy from.its my advice to every body.pls go to the main person who started neurotherepy in mumbai,bandra in 1975.I myself practise neurotherepy+try helping people in clearing paranormal activities which is not included in neurotherepy.but what i learned &acheived,all credit goes to my guru of its my advice to all to accept the truth.nothing is impossible.if you beleive in God then do beleive in ghost to.

What Pritpal Singh shares above is true!
by: Carin Smit - Clinical Metal Toxicologist South Africa

I have had the privilege to visit the Baba Farid Centre for Special Children for 2 years in a row. My first visit was in April 2008 and the second was in March 2009.
What Pritpal shares about Indian Neurotherapy is absolutely true. There are more than 400 children in the 4 different Baba Farid Centres scattered all over Punjab. I have seen with my own eyes how squints respond to Indian Neurotherapy in only a few 15 minute sessions. I have seen children the year before who were totally spastic, walking upon my return a 11 months later. The general trend in the well-being of the children is upwards and scissoring, extreme ataxia, athetoid movements, and extreme hand, arm, foot and leg spasticity responds very favourably to Indian Neurotherapy.
Just because a paradigm doesn't fit your thinking one can't dismiss it!
The previous comment stated that if Pritpal Singh and his young men whom he has trained had the funding, facilities and specialist research tools to record the gains made in the children and adults who come to his Centre, his work would be heralded as a world-wide breakthrough for persons with CP.
The sad truth is that he had neither the resources, nor the means to prove to the world what he has built in Faridkot and surroundings these past 7 years. I sincerely trust that his work is substantiated and grows in the years to come.
It is truly one of the most hopeful interventions that I have ever seen in my career working with children with neurological injury.
Well done, Pritpal and teams!

sirji i challenge tou u cant treat cerebralpalsy
by: pritpal singh

dear sir .myself pritpal singh an occupational therapist working in delhi's top leading governemnt hopital, i used to see in my opd cases a daily number of 15-20 patient since five years ,it is uncurable ,yes but wid the help of occupational therapy and physical therapy n speech n behaviour therapy u can make his quality of life bit better ,but if the child is spastic quadri or if the child is ataxic or athetoid wht u can do , if u can claim i would invite u on abigger palteform n may be i can help u to get uyr therapy registered ,but till then plz dont give the pateint false hope thnx

by: Anonymous

what all u r saying is false u also know it mr pritpal y u ppl r playing vid others life?u have to show your face to god pls stop doing all this.y u r earning from these poor ppl

by: Anonymous

why give people false hope i have cerebral palsy and by what our explaining is just lies... you could hurt alot of ppl by telling this.. u people make me sick

I have seen Nice Peroformance of this center
by: ranjit

Hello dear Friends,
I have seen Results of Dr. pritpal Singh . He is doing on no profit no loss , But he has limited sources of research. and i know if he had good sources of research like as Instruments and measuring machines then he can do miracle in this field. He is very honest man and wants to give more to these special kids. But i know if if he did not get any kind of help then he can go down . so i apealsd to anyone first Visit his center and see difference after that you should definately help him by Some machines by finacial aid, from 7 years he is doing lot for these soecial kids but he is running center in rental bas building . he is very very poor by he is very rich by kind heart . we cannot comparision with anyperson .

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