Is there disability or other special needs
in your family?

When you live or work with someone with a disability you need help in coping as a caregiver.

  • You need helpful information.
  • You need tips on how to help your special person and how to live with his or her challenges.
  • You need products that will make life less needy and more special.

I'm the mother of one special needs child with cerebral palsy and another child with Asperger's syndrome. So believe me, I get it.

The Special Life is the kind of life you live when you have someone with a disability in your daily life - especially family life. Even though we are not disabled, both our personal and professional lives become much less-abled because of the extra time, energy and effort required to meet the special needs of the handicapped person.

Information On Living With Special Needs

Autistic Boy in Playground

The information you'll find here will help you on a day to day basis whether you live with a special needs child or are a teacher of someone with special needs, such as cerebral palsy, down syndrome, autism or aspergers syndrome.

Teachers often find themselves responsible for teaching kids without enough training, preparation, or support. Share this site with your child's parent. We have a special article on teaching autistic kids.

Tips On Living with Special Needs

Families like ours needs to share with each other. We need to share what works and what doesn't. Our stories inspire and motivate others that are coping as a caregiver.

Unique Products To Make Living With A Disability Easier

I got tired of being viewed as just a patient for an endless list of specialists and therapists. I also got tired of trying products that looked as if they were developed for hospitals and didn't really fit into our life.

After all, we’re a family.

No one will pay us to figure out how to use special needs products designed for a professional environment. I think you'll agree that disability products should be easy to use and durable.

I created my own logbooks that work for families.

These make coping as a caregiver that much easier. They help us to make the lives of our our special children better too.

Share With Us

Down Syndrome Boy

We all need you to share your story, too. Maybe you have information, or a great product that you’d like to pass along. For that matter, do you have a wish list of products or services? Let us know!

Please take part in The Special Life community. Together we can make a special life truly special.

For information specific to Canada, visit my other site too!

Special Needs Canada

Canadian Info

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