IDK... This is toughest. Do we have the next one vaccinated?

Have a grandson. Definately VERY verbal, till vaccination. Hum, coincidentally? Maybe. But, he didn't speak one word for over 6 months. After over 6 months of not saying one word, he started saying mama and dada and then picked up a few words.

Had him tested and within minutes the specialist verified that he was autistic. Naturally there were extensive tests and observation done, but it was clearly apparent.

He has been through an awesome program through the school district, he is speaking, though still very delayed. He has had success but is not nowhere near where he should be for his age.

It is time for his baby brother to be vaccinated. What should we do? There are so many greater risks for the baby should we elect to not have him vaccinated.

We live in a Los Angeles, if anyone is going to need to be vaccinated, it would definately be a child from densely pouplated area like L.A.

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