Help the disabled or increase corporate profits?

I'm just a bystander to the political nonsense going on in Washington, but still, as more details emerge, I get angrier and angrier.

Are these guys for real?

Do they really think that handing over billions of tax dollars to corporations that are already hugely profitable is better than providing funds to families dealing with disability? Or to providing schools with funding for special education?

Are we supposed to believe that it is important to shield wealthy people from taxes, but it is okay to cut education, medicaid and social security?

Is that what Americans have been paying taxes for? To make sure that the rich get richer, the middle class become poor, and the poor become destitute?

Whatever happened to government by the people, FOR THE PEOPLE?

Have Americans lost all sense of humanity?

Cutting funds available for education means our kids with special needs won't have the tools they need to communicate or move around. It means they won't have the trained special education teachers they need, or the support staff they need to provide medication, change diapers, or interpret for them.

The cost of the lost potential is far greater than the cost in extra tax income or corporate profit.

The fundamentals of being a human require food, water and shelter. Yet cutting food stamps, and failing to house the homeless merits a shrug?

How can it be that the same country that loves to call their military "heroes" is so quick to abandon them when they return home disabled - some with missing limbs, or suffering from PTSD?

All of us dealing with disability in our family should have the opportunity to live full lives, and access to the equipment and educational support that's needed.

I cannot believe that there are ANY government funds going to profitable corporations when there are so many people in need.

I cannot believe that there would be ANY suffering if tax is increased by 2% on the wealthy. But, a LOT of people could get the help they need with that money instead. And they will create jobs in the process.

All of you should be contacting your congress rep and demanding the changes necessary to increase medicaid, special education and social security.

You've paid for it after all.

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