Handicapped parking spots and blocked handicapped entrances

by Disgruntled driver

It may seem petty to some, but it drives me crazy to see fully able people park in designated handicapped spots!

Or worse, people who decide their time is to precious to park in the lot like everybody else. I can't believe how often I see tons of empty spots while Impatient Driver blocks the only sidewalk ramp so that they're only steps from the door.

I often point out the obvious sign and remind them of the penalty. Usually I get the "But I'll only be a minute" excuse. :-(

As if their minute is somehow more precious then everyone else's!

We have a manual wheelchair to maneouver next to the passenger side of our van, so the extra space of the handicapped parking spot is necessary to avoid having our child in the middle of the lot while we sort out getting him out of the van and into his wheelchair.

And power wheelchair users have even more need of the space and the sidewalk ramp. I wish people could just realize and be more considerate.

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Stupidity is not a handicap
by: Anonymous

Here, here! Store owners have to take action too.

A coffee shop I go to put up a handwritten sign on the official disabled parking sign saying "stupidity is not a handicap."

It worked.

don't judge a book by its cover
by: Anonymous

I am a young female who has several health proplems and am on disability. I can barly move somedays.

Even on those days becouse i have no help I have to run erronds to take care of me and my child i can tell you if you say me get out of my car you would be mad.

I look normal - sometimes i don't feel like using my cane but I get dirty looks all the same. People think I am just using someone elses tag or when i sit in my car becouse i can't drive off when i am too sick i get stared at.

It hurts me becouse i wouldn't use my tag or ask for help for a long time know i have pushed myself so hard I cry because people look at me and think she can't be that bad off.

I will help someone else guess what alot of times I am sicker than most 60 yr olds. I live life like a person with congestive heart faliure and that is just from one disease.

so please next time you get mad look at that person because anyone who truly knows pain and hardship can see it right away.

this i know from my own lessons and from the few who went to give me a hard time and looked me in the eye and they had to look away becouse they knew.

Yes there are selfish lots of them people but it isn't always clear cut.

thank you i don't vent very often but i think this may be one of those sites that people aren't going to scare me into thinking i may lose hope and give up on myself.

I have tried too many of those and hope to find people who refuse to give up yet express the hard times and the triumphs.

Not everyone *looks* disabled
by: Anonymous

Thanks for pointing out that not all disabled people use wheelchairs.

There are a lot of very valid reasons why people have a handicapped parking sticker, but don't have a wheelchair and at first glance may look healthy.

It only makes life harder for these people when the true abusers use the stickers for their own selfish reasons.

Like the fellow who parked in the one handicapped parking spot in a crowded lot to pick up his child.

How do tell who's legit?

parking in Handicap designated spaces
by: Anonymous

It is true that heart conditions or things like chemotherapy are difficult to visually tell. However a permit is required disability or not. My permit is for me and it is only applicable when I am riding in the vehicle.

Multiple times I have seen teenagers driving their parents or grandparents car use designated spaces because the car had the plates. I have also seen the designated spaces constantly used illegally for ATM use and because they just need a few things from the grocery store.

I have in my wheelchair been yelled at with claims that I only have it so I can park closer to the store. Yes, the spaces are closer but they are the only few spaces in the entire lot to choose from that are wide enough to load/unload a wheelchair.

That is when the striped area is not used for parking by bikes, motorcycles, and shopping carts.

Do you know?
by: Anonymous

I agree 100% there are abusers to the situation.. both adults and teenagers... but are you sure those teenagers are using Mom, Dad, or grandparents parents... My daughter has Mild/moderate Cerebral Palsy.. at first glance she appears a normal teenager.. but 100% requires and has her own handicap parking permit.. again are we judging books by their covers??? and what about us who ALS has striken our lives... that is an invisable disease in the beginning also

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