Gift for person with Aspergers Syndrome

My little guy has Aspergers Syndrome, and besides the usual gift giving options that are available, I found that I was drawn to something that would be so...perfect.

You see, there is something about having Aspergers Syndrome that causes both a need to de-frock (i.e. take off as much clothing as possible) and also be drawn to being wrapped up tight in a blanket. Go figure.

It doesn't seem to make sense, but it is a common behavior trait.

It it difficult to get my little guy to wear much more than underwear, no matter what the season. And yet, he also has a collection of blankets in the living room.

So, what's the perfect gift?

A Snuggie! It's basically a wearable blanket with armholes, so he can wear his blanket and still walk about.

He gets to stay warm and cozy in his blanket, and I don't have to keep reminding him to stop dragging blankets around the room.

Best of all, we don't have to be constantly after him to wear clothes, or be embarrassed if someone comes to the door - at least he's covered with the Snuggie. Odd looking perhaps, but better than just underwear!

Hope this helps you out too.

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