Need an easy to use, portable food diary?

This food diary is different.

It is NOT the typical food journal sold with an expensive weight-loss systems. Nor is it the one-page food log that gets photocopied so often it's unreadable.

Instead, what you'll receive is a durable, coil-bound food tracking journal that is easy to use and gives you lots of room to handwrite your details. The food journal is the perfect size to take with you everywhere - 5.5" x 8.5". And, for most people, one journal will provide space for 3 months of food tracking!

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Want to order food diary with 
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The food journal is ideal for use by health professionals and organizations who are helping their clients monitor their weight. If you would like to have food journals available for use by your clients or members, we’d be happy to customize the journal with your information at our sister site,

Click here for bulk orders of the standard food diary 

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