Food Additives and their effect on kids behaviour

by Jennifer
(Melbourne, Australia)

An important area for parents and caregivers to become more informed about is the use of harmful additives in our foods.

Some companies are becoming more aware that consumers are informing themselves but many companies follow the bottom line ($$$,ie: shelf life, explosive taste, more exciting colours, food never goes off).

The chemicals that they use to achieve these goals can have quite detrimental effects on our children's behaviour, learning and management.

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by: Anonymous

The world has become so corrupt that all one things about is money, that's the main reason why we have things such as this going on.

by: Kanda

The post on the effect of food additives on children’s behavior was much informative. This post was an eye opener as I understood that some of the food additives are not good for the health of our children. Thank you.

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