by emma1

I'm not good at writing, because I have aphasia.

But right now I need some type of income. I'm getting a tiny little "benefit", but it isn't enough to live on and they are threatening to make me pay back all of the payments that I've recieved, because I don't have the money to go to the required doctors.

I've placed numerous resumes on several job websites and I haven't received a single response.

I have 38 years in the Engineering Tech field. I've been posted my resume as a contact computer drafter. From all accounts, I'm good at my job. In fact, I wasn't fired because I wasn't doing my job. Nor was I fired because I did something wrong. I was fired because my coworkers convinced my employer that it would "hep" me to fire me and force me to get a disability designation. So I've lost my insurance, my life savings, and my retirement. And because of this designation, I'm BARRED from working for anyone outside of home. I'm ABLE to do just about everything that I was doing before.

I don't have to work in the Engineering field; there is probably something else that I can do. But I don't know what else to do, since this is most of the work I've done (for pay). I do need to have a living wage. Also, I have aphasia, so I'm UNABLE to do telemarketing or sales.

Any thoughts or suggestions, or anyone who has done this, it would be good to share. I would appreciate any help.

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The Special Life
by: Anna

It sounds like you've been dealt some hard knocks!

Being forced to work from home when you hadn't planned on it can be quite disheartening at first. But, there is an upside.

You may well find that once you get into a groove in working from home, you'll never choose to do anything but - that's how I feel. Being able to work when are where it's convenient for YOU is a great freedom that lots of desk bound folks envy.

I work from home to run my sites, and these internet-based businesses contribute to our family income.

I can very highly recommend the business system I use to develop my home based businesses on the web:

The reason I'm so committed to it is because it is a whole system on how to run an web-based business.

Unlike anything else, it let me research a business idea and know that's it's likely to be profitable before I even start.

Then it gives very detailed instructions on how to physically create it, and how to develop it effectively online - without having to spend on advertising dollars.

This system also has a huge resource center with ideas on how to monetize - I'm making money in ways I didn't even know existed when I started.

And, for me, another great benefit has been the business forums that are free to owners. It's an incredibly helpful group of people who look for ways to help each other (unlike your last co-workers).

I suspect that you'll be able to use the knowledge you've gained over the years and develop a profitable online business with it.

Or, choose another topic that you're passionate about.

It's definitely worth checking into.

Hope that helps

Re: Re:
by: emma1

I'm not looking for a hobby - so does this pay a living wage? Does it work if I have no money to invest? Will it work for a person with aphasia? (again, I'm UNABLE to do telemarketing or sales). How do you get income from this website? What costs are involved in setting this up?
Again, I'm ABLE to do just about anything else. I'm searching for a viable, living wage, HOME based job or business, not involving the telephone or sales.

working from home if you have a disability
by: Anna

I just wanted to answer the questions posed earlier about having an online business....

You'd said:
I'm not looking for a hobby - so does this pay a living wage? Does it work if I have no money to invest? Will it work for a person with aphasia? (again, I'm UNABLE to do telemarketing or sales). How do you get income from this website? What costs are involved in setting this up?
Again, I'm ABLE to do just about anything else. I'm searching for a viable, living wage, HOME based job or business, not involving the telephone or sales.

I'm glad you said you're looking for a hobby - that tells me that you're looking at it with a business mindset, which is important if you want to make a living wage at it. This is NOT a get-rich-quick scam. Any business can only be successful if you put in effort and time.

What is DOES do however is give you a solid base to build a business that works for YOU - that will allow you to work where and when you want. It does not involve the telephone or sales - unless you choose to do so, and most don't.

You can see what I mean by looking at these very wide variety of people with successful sites. Most don't offer telephone support and don't need to since everything is online. They are providing valuable information to visitors and can make money from ads, affiliates or other income sources.

How much did we invest? A pittance. All of those businesses, like mine, only cost $ 299. US a year. That includes not only the basic website stuff that you need to run a site, but most importantly, it includes the research tools, and both written and video instructions for each step of how to create your online business. It even includes a Monetization Headquarters - ideas and instructions on when and how to help your site bring in the dollars.

It's a lot like taking a course on how to create an online business - but instead of a certificate, you end up with a viable site at the end.

There's lots more, but it's hard to list it all without starting to sound evangelical. :-)

As for the aphasia, I have to say that based on your ability to write your thoughts here that you should be fine. Remember, it can all be done on your time, with no one looking over your shoulder. So you can take whatever time you need to get the words just right.

In fact, there's also some free e-books that helps you write in a manner that works for the web. Download it and check your comfort level if you like.

Whether you decide to use a site to BE your business or to support another income producing method, I can recommend this option, and can help you out as you go.

Hope this helps!

The Special Life
by: Anna

I've found a site that may be of help for people looking for traditional employment, but that have a disability:

Employment Resources for the Disabled
Riley Guide

HOME job or business
by: Anonymous


Maybe $299 is a pittance for you, but as I'm NOT receiving enough money to live on, it might as well be a jillions dollars/day. As you don't have any idea how much money you are getting it would hardly worth to give up the tiny benefit that I'm getting would it? For me, this is way more than I spend of food in three months!!! Can you do without food for three months???

Yes, this RILEY list is just the same as ALL OF the job websites and government agencies ALL OVER the internet, which prohibits, prevents, bars, excludes and denies work for persons with a disability designation. I NEED some serious help to find a serious job, not a hobby or money flusher. I need a living wage, HOME job or business, not involving the telephone. I do get many scams from the email every day. I'm ABLE to do just about everything else than everyone else does.

Fighting To Have My Life Returned
by: Jose Manuel Lopez

To All Hiring Managers:

Hello and good to meet you. The State of California Economic Strain has been tough on me and to thousands of other lives within our Country. Adding to the stress of the struggling- for me. Has been a unfair justice department and bussiness cycle which habitually turns me away at their front doors for preseving my integrity and sharing my recorded over fourteen year term of confinemrnt with inquiring employers. In one circumstance I was removed from a O.C.T.A. monitor after being informed I was hired and congratulated; by a hiring manager who identified himsrlf as Egore, who inquired about a felony conviction i have on my record, to then inform me I was not being hired over company policy preventing anyone with a serious felony on their recocd from working eith O.C.T.A.

I beaten repeatedly, harassed, conspired to be murdered by corrupt correctional officers and inmates through nesr my entire term of confinement periodically. The aforementioned being minute in comparison to the whole picture.

Here , fourteen years after. I continue to fight to stay alive and not be took into unsurvivable waters business giants have created as a format to describe an acceptable standard.

I have my own learned skills I can use for self employment. Providing my release occurred in April 19,2009. I need a steady source of income as soon as possible. I am more than willing to take on the duties of any responsibilities. I have an extensive work experience. Wages are not disputable for me being it is not under the state`s minimum.

I have plans of enrolling into College as soon as possible-with no income my life will continue to be on hold. I have lived the litteral injustice, someone assist me remaining with life.

Yours truly,
Jose Manuel Lopez
Contact Information:
Cell-714-417-1448, or josemlopez730@yahoo.com

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