Down Syndrome Rubber Bracelets

Down Syndrome Bracelet in Gold

Awareness is everything. That's why when Lance Armstrong began his "Live Strong" campaign, cancer awareness took a giant leap forward.

Now you can do the same with these Down Syndrome Rubber Bracelets.

Wearing the Down Syndrome Rubber Bracelets will gently create awareness for anyone you come in contact with.

It is a wonderful way to open the door for a conversation about Down Syndrome.

When you wear it, it can allow you to share your experience of dealing with Down Syndrome with someone who has clearly shown an interest in knowing more. It could help you connect with someone else who is going through a similar experience. The rubber bracelet can become a way of acknowledging each other.

Order 10 or more Down Syndrome Awareness Bracelets and get a discount!

It can also help ease the awkward moment when someone around you may notice a difference in behavior or appearance and is curious but doesn't want to ask. The bracelet can gently answer those who are curious, alleviating you of the need to address everyone - whether you're up to it or not. Hopefully, in this instance, it will inspire the person to become more informed on their own.

These down syndrome rubber bracelets are available in either adult or child sizes. There is also a similar rubber bracelet to raise awareness of a Down Syndrome Walk, as well as pins for a different effect entirely.

If you like, we can also produce down syndrome rubber bracelets in another colour of your choice. With orders of 200 or more, an imprint which is debossed (ie. cut out) is also available.

If you're looking for down syndrome rubber bracelets to use as a fundraiser, this is a perfect and popular choice.

You'll be pleased to know that the purchase of this awareness bracelet will also help others dealing with Down Syndrome. As part of our Give Forward program, a portion of proceeds from the sale of these Down Syndrome Rubber Bracelets will go to a Down Syndrome Association to help parents and teachers become better informed and prepared.

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