Disabled Persons can Enjoy New Jersey State Parks at a discount, too.

Many times, families with members who are disabled will overlook state parks and historic sites. Sometimes, it can be a little hard to get around in a wheelchair or walker in these areas.
Well, did you know that the New Jersey Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has made special access available to those state residents with physical disabilities?
Now everyone, regardless of physical capabilities, can enjoy the splendor of New Jersey's state parks, forests and camping areas.

What is the discount

Usual fees are $50 per person per calendar year. A vehicle pass is also available for $25 per calendar year.
The disability pass provides free entrance for disabled persons to all sites that charge a daily walk-in or parking fees. It also carries a discount of $2 per night at all camping facilities. This does not include group campsites

Who qualifies for a disability pass?

Any New Jersey state resident with a documented, verified disability is eligible for the disability pass.

How do you get the discount pass?

The form is available online here and can be downloaded anytime.
The disability pass is issued ONLY from the Trenton office and the address to apply to is:

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
Parks & Forestry
PO Box 404
Trenton, NJ 08625-0404
Phone: 1-800-843-6420 or 609-984-0370

How do you use it?

Once you receive the pass from the DNR, simply present it to the gate personnel and you will receive your discount on the spot. The disability pass is valid for the duration of the disability at all New Jersey state parks, forests, recreation areas and historic site facilities.

Where it can be used?

The disability pass can be used at all New Jersey state parks, forests, recreation areas and historic site facilities.

Many of these areas have handicapped access and there are many others that are being worked on as we speak. If you need special attention or have specific needs, please call the area you are considering a visit to before you go there. The park rangers will do all they can to assist you and make your visit a pleasant one.

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