Disability Discounts from your State Office (DMV, Assessors office, etc.)

by K Henderson
(Durango, Colorado, USA)

There are special discounts on license plates, plate renewal, property taxes, park passes, etc.

Each state is different and you need to show your proof of disability, but for 50% or more military disability OR SSI/SSDI disability license plates and property taxes are either free or at a discount depending on the percent of disability.

I have never heard of a state OFFERING these services freely. You have to ask for them and know what to ask for.

Nobody seems to ever volunteer any information on the programs. Most states also do energy assistance and telephone assistance for the disabled at a higher rate than to the regular public ~ but again....make sure you ask because they won't offer it freely.

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Jul 18, 2016
NYS DMV Discount
by: Dan

This discount is only for non drivers license ID the phone number for that is 518 486 9786. It has nothing to do with plates, reg., or drivers licenses. However Disabled Vets can apply for E-ZPass Disabled Veterans Non-Revenue Program. Found here: http://www.thruway.ny.gov/ezpass/veterans.html

Other discount plans for NYS can be found here:


Nov 06, 2015
In need
by: Anonymous

I never got all my back money and now they are trying to say I owe them I'm in severe depression and have at and cancer is back a third time I need a stackable washer and dryer I can't got out to wash clothes I need a fridge w ice maker I can make ice my hands wont let me sqeeze out I need a stove to cook healty thankbu God bless just thought I'd give it a try

Jan 02, 2013
by: KEN

Would someone be so kind as to provide me with information how i can get a lab-top computer? I have extreme back pain and it is difficult for me
to walk, also being on dialysis for 10 years and caused slight heart problems, these problems and the fact i have been diabetic for more than 30 years and cause a number of problems. i am on a fixed income and looking for ways i can secure a used or new lab-top computer at a discount. i am able to provide medical confirmation. would appreciate any information you can provide

Kenneth Criswell
Chicago, Illinois

Aug 21, 2011
Puerto Rico
by: Anonymous

Puerto Rico Resident should get an Id from the Health Department (Departamento Salud) , really are 2 ID. One is for exprees line in all Gov agenices ( and its honored in most stores and private place) and a second one that will give you 50% discount in any Gov activity in public venue or private activity at a gov venue.
to get the Id a dcotro must signed a form. (ca n not be a genralist, shoudl be a sub specialist or specialist related to the condition). By the way autism kid can obtain special parking permit in Puerto Rico

Jan 06, 2011
Alabama Lifetime Fishing License
by: Anonymous

In Alabama if you are disabled, you can get a form from your county courthouse or online, fill out your part and have your doctor sign his part, then take the form to your county courthouse to obtain a lifetime fishing license for $1.

Aug 31, 2010
disability determination
by: Susan

You would need a disability determination which is an evaluation done by a State agency which decides if you qualify for disability programs. DHS is probably a good place to start. Disability determination has to be redone every 1-7 years.

Jul 07, 2010
by: Anonymous

how disbled do you need to be to qualify - I have a pretty bad back but can still work part time and don't look disabled. would I qualify?

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