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Yoga and meditation is my #1 go-to stress reliever

I have significantly reduced my caregiver stress by taking 30-45 minutes out for myself every morning, sitting in quiet meditation, followed by gentle

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Former caretaker

I was engaged to a man with twin autistic sons, who were 16-18 during the time I was with him. (NOTE: the breaking of the engagement had NOTHING to do

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Bullying principal

It's a long story. The gist is my son is a six year old boy who has cerebral palsy, a learning disorder, and ADHD. This means he's a fun, quirky kid,

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Need HELP!! Autism ~ Downs Syndrome ~ Non Verbal ~ Violent

My Best Friend has 4 children. Her first pregnancy resulted in twins. One healthy normal son and one son with Downs Syndrome. As the Downs Syndrome

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Violence and Autism at Work

I was at work and a co-worker offended me with prejudiced comments. When I verbally responded, telling her that her comments were racist, she slammed into

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severe autism

i have son 12 years old now diagnosed in severe autism. he is now violent, when he have something need by himself, my problem is i cant understand what

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For a while, I was in a relationship that drove me into a deep depression. My boyfriend had autism and was mentally ill. He repeatedly choked and kicked

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Daughter violent spits at myself looks for knives says going to stab us breaks everything in sight smashes windows breaks anything when in rage punches

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Autism and Clothing

When you have autistic children, you are likely to come across all sorts of oddities with clothing. Common quirks include chewing or sucking on sleeves,

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Williams Syndrome

Want to understand what Williams Syndrome is all about? Guest writer Ashley Rachel Brownstein wrote this great summary.

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Williams Syndrome Awareness

Williams Syndrome affects about 1 in 7500 people, yet awareness of Beuren Syndrome remains low. Here's how you can help.

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Teaching tool for spelling

Teaching special need kids can be a real challenge. Here's how we're using this teaching tool for spelling.

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Special Needs Travel Books

Review a selection of special needs travel books and add your own review and recommendations.

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Oral Motor Activities Supplies

Looking for supplies for oral motor activities? If you're helping a child with autism or aspergers that likes chewing on clothing, these can help.

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Craniosacral massage therapy

Read about our experience with craniosacral massage therapy to treat an infant with cerebral palsy

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Disability or other special needs? These tips and tools will help.

Disability information, tips and tools to make daily life easier for families and teachers of those with special needs.

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Visiting Disneyland with a Disability

Most of us like to visit Disneyland. But visiting Disneyland if you have a disability takes planning. Share your story and pick up tips from others that have visited Disneyland with a disabililty.

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Medication Log

If you live with special needs in your family, then there's a good chance that you need to track medication. We've made it easy for you with our Caregiver Medication Log. One less hassle for you!

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Developing a Caregiver Job Description

Are you stuck on how to go about developing a caregiver job description for your special need child? What do you include? How do you use it? Here are some answers.

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33 Discounts for People who are Poor and Disabled There's a bunch more discounts listed on this site: - ways people with disabilities

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