Desperately looking for guidance for fecal obsession

by debra

My grandson is seven years old. He's had issues in the past with temper, public displays, seems not to have impulse control.

At an early age he would hit my daughter (constantly) with wooden blocks in the face. He thought this was hysterical.

He literally couldn't be taken to restaurants, etc because his behavior in public was so disruptive.

He has (for the most part) outgrown a lot of this, but now just acts.....spoiled, very spoiled. This is the only way I can describe the behavior.

Potty training him has been a nightmare for the entire family. He would always poop in his pants. He could be walking around a store with you, at the library, or on the school bus (rode one only for some months), he would just stand there and have a bowel movement.

His 5 year old sister is completely potty trained. Now what he's doing is quite disturbing and I don't feel it should be ignored or brushed off as "curiosity" as my son-in-law has called it.

He constantly puts his finger in his bum and pulls out poop. He wipes his fingers across his face so that he can constantly smell it.

I was at a store the other day (we were out for a walk, exploring), he was looking right at the cashier as he wiped a hunk of poop across his mustache area and well, created a mustache.

Tonight, his father had put him in the shower because he had poop on his hands, when I went in to get him out, he was sitting on the floor of the tub with a facecloth. He had poop all over his hands, the bottom of the tub, his face. When he heard me, he started scurrying to wipe it all off before I opened the shower.

His father (my son-in-law) said that while he was talking to him about the issue, he reached right into his bum and pulled out poop for his face.

Right there while someone was looking at him and talking to him, face to face. He's doing it now in front of people and in public.

Can anyone help? Any information I assure you will be considered and shared with my daughter and her husband. I believe he needs a child therapist.

Most sincerely,


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