Dealing with Disability and Disaster using Homeopathy Remedies

by Dr Lauri Grossman
(Chair of the Department of Medicine and Humanistic Studies at the American Medical College of Homeopathy, New York)

It was Sept 12. I was working at the Pier, a temporary shelter for the families of those missing from the World Trade Towers. On that day, no one had a clue that hardly anyone would be rescued from the rubble. Instead we were filled with hope. And I was determined to give emotional support to every family assigned to work with me. I was not giving up on anyone, no matter how young or old, able bodied or disabled.

You see, I am a homeopath. For 30 years I have been training physicians and nurses in the use of low dose natural remedies that safely and effectively improve the body’s ability to withstand stress. I have worked beside psychologists when talk therapy has been ineffective in helping their patients deal with disaster. I’ve guided healthcare workers in the use of eco-friendly medicines to restore calm in panicking girls and boys when loving arms provided no reassurance. And I’ve shown them how these homeopathy remedies can remove the trauma of loss from grieving women and men when medications offered no benefit.

As it turns out, not one survivor was found that belonged to the families in my care. But over the passing months and years we became a caring community and I relied on a number of homeopathic remedies to help these men, women, and children deal with the challenges brought on by the Trade Tower disaster.

There are three homeopathy remedies that are especially pertinent to individuals with disabilities. I will describe them below so that you too can benefit from them should the need ever arise.

If there were only one homeopathic remedy for me to write about, it would be Aconite. Derived from a tiny flower that grows at high altitudes and used for medicinal purposes as far back as the Middle Ages, Aconite is a gentle acting homeopathic medicine that helps to calm the fears of anyone who finds himself in a state of panic. Aconite soothes the terror that can arise during an earthquake, hurricane, thunderstorm, or flood. It can relieve the fear that makes one feel certain they are going to die. And most importantly, it can enable a frightened individual to take action steps towards safety rather than huddle in a corner, resisting assistance. Taken after the passing of the traumatic episode, Aconite can further enable an individual to let go of the anguish of the event.

Another valuable natural remedy for fear is Stramonium, which comes from a night blossoming flower that grows throughout the world. A plant with a long history of use in healing, clay tablets from Babylonia and Assyrian ruins indicate that Stramonium was used medically in ancient civilizations several thousand years ago. Greek and Roman physicians used it to calm surgical patients. The Aztecs used it to soothe people in great pain. And Cullen of Edinburgh describes its similar use in Europe. Today, physicians find that it is most helpful when treating individuals who after a traumatic event begin to have great fears of the dark and of being alone. The fear often follows them into the night or appears in unexpected ways, perhaps altering speech. Even after the threat of the disaster has long gone, the young man who wakes with night terrors and the little girl who begins to stutter can both be aided with Stramonium.

The last remedy that comes to mind is used to help release the grief and sorrow that can become locked in the heart of anyone who has survived a disaster: a toddler who must leave behind a favorite stuffed animal, a little boy who loses a beloved pet, a young bride who loses her husband, a family who sees their home burn to the ground or get washed away. Ignatia amara is a woody climbing shrub with long drooping flowers with a scent similar to jasmine. The priest who gave it its name, Ignatius Loyola, praised it for its ability to heal the soul and spirit as far back as the early 1500’s. Since then, it has been used regularly immediately following loss, especially when there is uncontrollable crying, loss of appetite, extreme mood swings or great sadness.

Homeopathic medicines are considered safe and effective for men, women, and children of all ages. They do not interfere with other medications and are safe to take during pregnancy. You can find them in most natural food stores in America and better pharmacies throughout the world.

Keep these three remedies in a safe, dry, place that your family members can easily find in an emergency (not in a refrigerator). Take two pellets of 30C four times a day until you notice a change for the better. Begin the remedy again only if symptoms return. If there is no improvement within seven days, you may need to see a professional homeopath who can help you select a more effective medicine or you can consult a medical doctor for an alternate treatment.

These events can be traumatic enough for the average person, but for the schoolboy with autism, the teenager with Asperger’s, the young man lacking a limb, or the woman who is wheelchair bound, dealing with a disaster can be even more terrifying and the loss that follows even more traumatic. For them, homeopathy can restore a sense of calm and allow the emotional freedom to move on with their lives. It certainly did for the children and adults that I had the honor of meeting on September 12, 2001. The community that we created seven years ago is still in tact. And I am happy to report that everyone is doing well.

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