Daytona Beach Free Parking and Driving on the Beach

I went to Daytona Beach FL and was surprised that since my handicapped tag hung in my window, I did not have to pay to drive on the beach.

I was also informed by the City Officer that I did not have to pay for city parking. If there was not a handicap space available, to park in a regular space and make sure my handicapped tag was in the window.

We parked in a city lot the following weekend and did not have to pay the $8 fee!

I am unable to walk very far and it was nice to enjoy the beach right outside my car door!

Orlando, FL

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Oct 29, 2015
Hotel / Hospital Parking
by: Heather P

If you are visiting a Hotel or Hospital that you have to pay for valet ask the attendant if there is a discount for Handicap Permitted vehicles. I have found a lot of places give you a free or discounted parking. At FL hospital Princeton my fee went from $7 to $2 with a permit. I was at Rosen Shingle Hotel in Orlando and my valet was free with my permit.

My theory is it never hurts to ask! The price can only go down never up. :)

Oct 29, 2015
Orlando FL Downtown Parking
by: Heather P

Per Orlando Parking website -
Garages and Surface Lots
Regular rates apply in garages and surface parking lots unless a toll exemption card* is displayed. A disabled hang tag or toll exempt hang tag is required to be properly displayed if parking in a disabled space.

* Toll Exemptions
Vehicles with specialized equipment such as ramps, lifts, foot or hand controls for use by a person who has a disability or a vehicle that otherwise displays FL Toll Exemption Permit are not required to pay in lots or garages. Please refer to your license branch for more information regarding toll exemptions.

On-Street metered spaces
Read sign as some locations vary. Generally the first four hours are free when properly parking and displaying the disabled hang tag.
Meters will be enforced after the posted time has expired.

City Hall Disabled Parking
Disabled parking is available in the City Commons Garage off of Boone Avenue. Get your validation in the City Clerk’s Office on the second floor of City Hall.

Oct 29, 2015

by: Anna

Thanks for sharing that information!

I too was surprised by the fact that you would be allowed to drive on Daytona Beach for free with your handicapped pass.

But what especially surprised me was that the free parking applies elsewhere in the city! That's great.

Makes me wonder if there are other cities that offer the same benefit.

I hope that other site visitors will check with their city rules and report back, so that we can pass on more benefits.

As you said, when you can't walk far, having that closer parking can make a big difference.

Ditto for being able to load / unload a wheelchair. And with a wheelchair accessible van, you especially need a fair bit of extra room just to get the ramp down and get out!

Thanks again.

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