Daughter Fine before the Pneumococcal Vaccine

by Mary
(Norfolk, VA, US)

Here is a summary of my situation. I am still pro vaccination because I know the medical significance of receiving vaccines. However, I do believe that the Pneumococcal vaccine given to my healthy and developing on time daughter, gave my daughter autism.

I was a medical student when I was pregnant with my daughter and was adamant with my partner about my daughter receiving all of her vaccinations and that was something that we didn't argue about, especially since anti-vaxers are not viewed in a positive light.

My daughter went in for a sick appointment that day and they insisted on giving her the 5 vaccines that day.

I remember making a joke to my partner about this being the reason she developed autism because she was normal up until shortly after this (kind of one of those moments you tell yourself, "remember this day").

I'm not making this up.

I told the doctors that I didn't want her to get vaccinated and they proceeded to tell me that it was fine to give it to her while she had a virus. Well that night she spiked a fever, normal, I know. That was when she was 9 months. She hit every milestone, pretty much. She had a cousin that lived close by that we saw pretty often that was only 2 weeks ahead of her in age and all of a sudden they start going in opposite directions in terms of gaining skills. My daughter used to respond to her name at 6 months, babbled and engaged with you (I have tons of videos). Over the next two months we begin to notice Mackenzie "ignoring" us and we begin to question her hearing. Arm flapping, less and less eye contact and no more talking, just loud grunts. Just this Monday, diagnosed on the spectrum at 18 months.

People that say that we are uneducated (people who believe vaccinations could have a causal link to some autism cases) need to realize we search the internet too.

There is evidence all outside of the U.S. that doesn't have Big Pharma butting heads against them.. families are awarded money through the governments Vaccine Court. 3.3 Billion dollars of our tax paying money goes into that to award families who show that their children were injured neurologically causing autism. Anywho.. I'm going to end my rant.

I still think people should vaccinate their children. Maybe not so many at one time and definitely not when the baby or child already has a compromised immune system.

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