Coping with a toddler with cerebral palsy

by Mother of a beautiful girl

My daughter was a little over one years old when she was diagnosed with cp. it broke our hearts to know our baby girl was disabled.

We try our best to keep In good spirits and are grateful to have her in our lives , saying thank goodness it's not worse and if this is the only way to have her then damnit we will deal with it!

Then you try to find how this happened with numerous neurology appts and other doctors all with different opinions ! We will ever get an answer!

But the most important thing is to move forward with all the therapy for her to get her better as much as possible.

I would like to know of other parents coping with children with disabilities. No one else really know how we feel and what we go through .Thank you in advance and letting me vent ! :)


Editor's Note:

Thanks for writing in. Yup, we're in the same both. Our son, who is now 12, has cerebral palsy too.

You're right. It's hard for people who don't have special needs children to understand what's it's like. Even extended family members often just don't get it.

Even trying to explain what cerebral palsy is can be a challenge. Here are some ideas on how to answer questions.

You're at the beginning of your journey, and it may help to think of this in terms of being a marathon - it's important to rest and refresh often in order to keep your energy up.

And you'll probably find you'll to vent often too, so please come back and sound off here.

We get it! :-)

Good luck with everything.

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3yr old son with c.p
by: Anonymous

My son is three and has c.p. some days are very hard...when you feel guilty because you jus t wish he was as easy to care for as an able bodied child his age. Could feed himself or was able to use a toilet instead of having to still change diapers that always leak casing poop to get everywhere since he doesn't fit right with such a tiny hiney....I know your struggles and my thoughts are with you.

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