Conductive Education Therapy for Cerebral Palsy

Conductive Education is based on the idea of teaching the body to move by way of appropriate teaching methods and repetition.

Intentional movement is integrated into tasks and practiced repeatedly in order to create new neural pathways allowing
more controlled muscle movement.

Another key aspect of conductive education is that the therapy is integrated with the tasks of daily living, allowing for maximum opportunities to practice the movement and strengthen the new neural pathways.

Conductive Education was developed in Hungary over 60 years ago and has only started to become popular in North America in the last decade or so.

General consensus is that the this type of therapy does result in slow, steady progress.

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by: Anonymous

Good post

A system of education
by: Anonymous

Dear Editor

You can be forgiven your confusion, as "conductive education" is indeed often misrepresented as a type of therapy.

However, that you write that conductive education does not "deserve the name 'education', in my mind anyway" is wholly your misunderstanding and responsibility.

Some confusion about "conductive education" as therapy
by: Norman Perrin

With respect ... you write "Conductive Education Therapy ...."
Does it not strike you as you write this that there is a conflict between "education" as in "conductive education" and "therapy"?
I'm quite sure that when you think of schools you think of education - not therapy.
Conductive education is a system of education - not therapy.
The clue is in its name.


Editor's Response:
Thanks Norman for pointing out the incongruence.

You're right, it is an odd name to be used for therapy. However, I'm not alone is seeing it used that way.

In fact, most often I've come across the term "conductive education" when described as a type of therapy. Since the methodology is in "education" of the muscle response is key - it doesn't really deserve the name "education", in my mind anyway. :-)

I prefer to think of the term "education" as adding a different type of knowledge. My guess though is that the odd term may well have been an odd translation from the original Hungarian.

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