by krissy vickrson
(Toronto ont,)

if your just young 13 ish like me and u have a bond with special needs children then use my strategy find what they like to do often and what makes them laugh and giggle and work from there

i have had one boy learn a routine and he never new had to until i taught him i took it as every thing was a race because he liked race cars so i said how bout we have a race to put our boots on and that would be how i got him to go out for recess and i was just in grade 2 so i am sure if i could do it then, then u should be able to. so not only just racing if u ave a little girl who likes barbies u can communicate with them and help them learn through the barbie.

your always krissy vickrson please contact me on facebook if u tried this and it worked or even if u need more ideas because i would be more then happy to help.

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