How to choose a good
augmentative communication device

Having the use of a light-weight easy-to-use augmentative communication device means being able to comfortably communicate in any setting.

The Go Talk 9 makes it easier to participate in social outings.
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But, If you're not careful, it is really easy to spend gazillions of dollars on an augmentative communication device - a device that can speak for someone who is unable to speak.

Not to mention a ton of time dealing with bureaucracy in getting funding to pay for a speech output device. Frankly, we think that you've got better things to do with your time. Wouldn't it be nice to find a reliable speech device that does what you really need - provide speech output for images you choose on a touch screen.

We spent a lot of time looking, and came to the conclusion that a really good solution is the Go Talk. This is why we like it:

  • it's sturdy - designed for young kids who bang things around
  • it has a carrying handle built in - portability is a big deal
  • it has a built in key guard - one less thing to buy and break
  • you have total control - you get to choose the images and record the sound
  • built in microphone to record exactly what you want for each image
  • a real voice beats a mechanical voice hands down - who wants to be known as the kid that talks like a robot?
  • easy access volume control
  • built in storage of additional templates - no running around trying to remember where things are
  • easy find 'standard' button that you program - regular phrases always at hand and an ability to create a structure you like

The speech device we like best, Go Talk, comes in two versions, a 9-button variable display and a 20-button variable display. You choose what's best based on your specific needs.

To get the most out of your device, you'll just the software to create the button content (also knows as overlays) and the device itself.

To make it easier for you, you can even buy it right from our site. You can click on the image for more details.... 

Go Talk 9

  • 12 buttons
  • 48 speech output choices

Go Talk 20

  • 25 buttons
  • 105 speech output choices

In order to make the communication device work best for your needs, you'll also need the Go Talk software. This software will allow you to produce the content that goes in each button by creating button 'overlays'.

At any given point in time, the speech device can access a number of different overlays at once - how many will depend on which device you have. However, you can create as many overlays as you want, and keep the 'extra' overlays with you at all times as well.

You can now buy this software directly from our store, or directly just by clicking below.... 

Go Talk Overlay Sofware

Creating overlays that look great is easy with new Go Talk Overlay Software!

Includes over a thousand photos and over 3700 Imagine Symbols illustrations.

You can also copy and paste your own images into any overlay.

Each template cell can contain an image, text (in any language!) or both.

Multiple editing features let you change color, size, and font of text or move, enlarge, rotate, and crop pictures.

Print out templates with any inkjet or laser printer.

Printed templates can be used on their own as augmentative communication sheets.

Having the combination of an augmentative communication device, along with the ability to create custom communication message on the fly, means that you can bring the ease of communication any where.

And with the great design and durability of this speech aid device, you'll find that you won't need to worry about falls, drooling or other damage that can destroy expensive, and delicate computers or other electronic devices.

The Go Talk is is made to last!

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