Cerebral Palsy Research News

When you're dealing with a disability like cerebral palsy, it can take all your energy just to get through the day.

But one thing that can help is to stay on top of the latest cerebral palsy research news.

Cerebral Palsy Research News

You never know when you can find out something that can help you in your daily life.

To make life easier for you, we've done the work of collecting the latest news in cerebral palsy research for you.

The news below will automatically update whenever a news story is released that is related to cerebral palsy research.

Some of the highlights that I've seen in the past concern breaktroughs in:

  • understanding some of the causes of cerebral palsy
  • identifying risk factors
  • coming up with ways to prevent cerebral palsy 
  • interesting new cerebral palsy therapies

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We'll occasionally be commenting on particular news items and adding it to our site.

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You can see a summary of news highlights and commentary below.

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Cerebral Palsy Research - Highlights & Contributions

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Indian Neurotherapy claim to recover Cerebral Palsy 
Hello dear friends , As you know all over world cerebral palsy is totally un-cureable. But we have recovered 62 kids with the help of Indian …

Reducing the risk of cerebral palsy in preemies Not rated yet
According to the research study results from the University of North Carolina, new research indicates that the risk of cerebral palsy could be cut in …

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