Cerebral palsy recovery may be possible

by Dr. Pritpal Singh
(Faridkot, Punjab, India)

Indian Neurotherapy  patient

Indian Neurotherapy patient

Hello dear friends ,

As you know in all over world cerebral palsy is totally un-cureable , But we have recovered 62 kids with the help of Indian Neurotherapy and Time Space And Motion Therapy.
If you want to know more about our research than you have to type in Google Only "Baba Farid center for Special children"

And I will explain to you the complete theory. Please see below "How does neurotherapy work?"

Brief Introduction About Neurotherapy

Neurotherapy is an ancient Indian therapy. Neurotherapy is medicine-less therapy. It is a system which activates organs or glands (exocrine & endocrine). They produce hormones and other chemicals in the human body and the body laboratory looks after the supply of blood, all sorts of chemicals salts, acids, alkalis etc. automatically.
When there is disease it means that a particular organ is not properly functioning or only partly functioning. In other words there is some disorder, and with the help of Neurotherapy the system is set right.
There is no medicine given. It is like setting the natural system back to order by giving different treatment for different ailments (patients).
How soon much benefit depends on regularity of treatment and also faith of the patient.
Pituitary and hypothalamus glands make hormones for endocrine glands. Neurotherapy has control on pituitary glad. If any patient has deficientcy of hormones which are related to endocrine glands, patients may affected from mental illness. We give the activation to pituitary gland and fulfill the deficientcy of endocrine hormones.
This is God gift for us. Our body produced chemicals from many places instead of one place eg 85%, Erthropoetin chemical is produced in kidneys, but on failure of both kidneys this chemical is produced by liver.
Brain has hundred (100) Billion Neurons, spinal cord has hundred (100) million Neurons and intestine has hundred (100) million Neurons. There are manly twelve (12) types of Neurotransmitters. These chemicals are produced in large quantity in brain. But if these chemicals are not produced by brain cells then may be any Brain illness i.e. Mental Retardation Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson Depression etc. In Neurotherapy we active the enteric nervous system of the body and cure these diseases.
Our brain has £, , , θ waves. If there is any disturbance in these waves then fits, epilepsy like diseases comes. Our brain has three Neurotransmitter to controlling these waves. In Neurotherapy. We activate these Neurotransmitter very easily. In this method we control epileptic fits very easily.
In out body acid base balance is most important. If we want to maintain the Acid base balance of the body then first of all we set the digestive system of the body. Then Acid Base control automatically. If the alkali reduced. Then there is improvement in movement of patient.
*When T memory cells of thymus does not work properly then they produce Antibodies against body, it is called Auto immunity.
Then Arthritis like diseases are generated. In Allopathy, to correct this type of diseases steroids may be given if the quantity of these steroids are more then their have side effects of steroids. In Neurotherapy we give the activation to adrenal cortex which release steroids naturally and have no side effects adrenal cortex has ability to correct any inflammation of the body so we are able to correct difficult cases like meningitis etc.
The patients of septicemia have weak immune systems, these patient may be mentally retarded. In Neurotherapy we give the activation to lymphatic system which give the stimulation to lymph gland and immune system of child or patient are strong.
The digestive system of mentally retarded child will very weak so that the nervous system & immune system are also weak because the raw material of these chemicals are produced in stomach.
Eg. Thyroid gland has T3,
T4 and Adrenal medulla has epinephrine and nor epinephrine both have the raw material is tyrosine amino acid these amino acids are generated if the digestive system is set, so first of all we set the digestive system of these patients. By this method the Nervous system & Immune system also strong and recovery or growth of mentally Retarded (Patients) are started. This is the law of Neurotherapy.
*If any clot in brain then the patient is affected mentally and Physically Many patients have clot in any part of the brain by birth then they affected mentally or physically by birth. We are saying our body has two chemicals Plasmin & Heparin Plasmin dissolve the clot and Heparin prevent the clot. Brain has Blood Brain Barrier. Then any medicine can't go in the brain instead of Alcohal* Low molecular size medicines etc. So, it is impossible to dissolve the clot But in Neurotherapy, We give the activation to Pancreas, Lungs and liver which release the Plasmin Heparin chemicals. It is not artificial. It is natural so Blood Brain Barrier can't reject it. In Neurotherapy by this process we are able to dissolve clot, so that we are able to cure Mentally Retarded, cerebral Palsy, Paralysis etc. diseases very easily.

MR/CP treated with Neurotherapy?
The child usually will begin Neurotherapy soon after diagnosis. Neurotherapy uses a complete system of healing. It discovers the root cause of disease and treats the sum in an integrated manner. The discover of bodily organs cause on imbalance in the bio chemical forces leading to the development of disease.
According to us the last cause of cerebral palsy and mental retardation is lack of oxygen. The neurons of a particular area of brain may be weak, damaged or dead the to lack of oxygen or other causes. The nutrition of these (affected) neurons may be black due to any clotting or the to spasm of arteries so the affected neurons may be weaker day by day. It is very difficult to diagnose cerebral palsy AND mentally retarded child within sixth to tenth month because the child's body is very small and also little movement of the body, so the neurons of brain control the body easily. But when the body movement is started on higher level then there is overload of working of these neurons and they become weaker day by day.

Allopathy says once a neurons regenerate it can't be regenerate but Neurotherapy make it possible by regenerating these neurons if we are able to provide nutrition of there affected neurons. Then they may be regenerated. We are able to remove blockage, any abnormality or spasm of arteries of brain with the help of plasmin heparin. These chemical makes in our body. We give the stimulation to the particular internal organs of the body they release the particular chemical i.e. plasmin heparin.

Plasmine dissolve any clotting and Heparin prevent the clotting. When it dissolve the clot or relax the arteries then automatically supply of blood enters in infected part of brain and neurons may regenerate and the body shows recovery.

How Results Appear in Neurotherapy

First Result Will come Within Three TO Six Months.

Second Result Will Be Slow, because dead neurons will take 9 to 10 months to come in proper working position and total time may be 18 to 22 months maximum.


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Cerrbral palsy child
by: sukhvinder singh

My child is 3 year old and he is not able to hold his neck properly also not able to sit. he has uncontrolled body movement. he used his legs more as compare to upper body parts. he is not able to hold anything with hands but sometimes he hold my or other family member hairs very strongly. please help us to treat the child so that he will be able to live his life comfortably.

by: annmariapeter

I have heard about this Neurotherapy ashram in Maharashtra. I heard about many people who were cured from here. The stories were all unbelievable. But it is true about this ashram. You can search anywhere or ask anybody this is true.

my child is cp affected
by: anita

my child was born on 19 jun 2007,till now he is not having neck control and cannot sit and stand.vocal and IQ is normal.
please help me by sending neurotheraphy chart and also address of any related good doctors.
my mail id :satish1149201@gmail.com


by: EJ

I have a mild CP child of about 9 years of age. Please let me know that address of a suitable doctor for his checkup. I will really thankful to you.

CP spastic quadriparesis
by: mks

my son is 12 yearsa old. he did not weep for about 8 minuts. Doctors say he is suffering from CP. please vlet me know therapy by which he can be cured.

CP child
by: suresh

My child was born as a normal delivery. at present my Baby was 1.8 yrs old but he still sleeping he is not try to sitting him self and didt neck hold. i consult with Dr. Shanzad ibhrim Neurophysican she is best physian in Karachi pakistan. he would suject to simple Therapy but last one month last 1 year we regular have to do no improment. also fits happen once in week VP shint passed Phenobibtal Tab continus

I want to know about the Neurotherapy if you send me chart about this. and propertreatment

my email address is sladhar@gmail.com

by: sanjay kumar

espected s/mam
iam from sirsa haryana and my 02.5 yrs son is suffering from cerebral palsy,i have taken him to many doctors since his birth,but did not got any result my whole family is in panic due to this curse disease,please if you know about the treatment of this disease please let me know.
sanjay kumar
my mail id
sanjayverma88@yahoo.co.in,m.no 9478166200

by: sanjay kumar

i have a cp child 2.5 years old.give the details and centre of your hosital

plz help me
by: pradeepbora

Respected s/mam
iam from uttarakhand and my 02 yrs son is suffering from cerebral palsy,i have taken him to many doctors since he was of 06 month,but did not got any result my whole family is in panic due to this curse disease,please if you know about the treatment of this disease please let me know.
pradip singh bora

my mail id


Editor's Note:

Please note that cerebral palsy is NOT a disease. It is simply a name to describe a condition - where the brain has difficulty in controlling muscle movement. Cerebral palsy can be quite mild or severe - but several therapies focus on developing new neural pathways for the brain to affect muscle movement. Good luck in finding a therapy that works for your child.

please let me know about the treatment centre or doctors
by: roadad khan


Assessment and Therapy
by: Anonymous

Please show to a good Pediatric Doctor or Neurologist and get your child assessed.I think with Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy your child will progress

Please help me?
by: Anonymous

Hi all. My daughter was born 11/April 2010. After labor she was jaundice, when she was 2 months she always crying. Now she 10 months but she can't sitting and she can't catch anything with herself. Please what I do?

looking for information on neurotheraphy
by: Uzma Haroon, Karachi

My child was born on 18th November 2009 as a normal delivery. but my doctor say he was crying after the 5 minute born. at present my son was 9 month old but he still sleeping he is not try to sitting him self. i consult with Dr. Ghafar Billo he is best physian in Karachi pakistan. he wold suject to simple Therapy but last one month i have to do result is zero.

I want to know about the Neurotherapy if you send me chart about this.

my email address is urooza@hotmail.com

I have no arrangment of photographic but my son is looking like a normal child.


Editor's note: This site is for information purposes only. Previous site visitors have talked about neurotherapy and neuro-cognitive therapy as possible help, however any correspondence you would like on this topic should go to the original person who wrote about neurotherapy. This site is not a clearing house for information, nor can we interact with physicians on your behalf. If the original poster happens to see this message, they may contact you, but it is outside of this site's mandate and process. Sorry.

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